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Magic with Aurora History Museum

🔮 Magicians visit the Metro Area ✨ 
America’s most famous magician, Harry Houdini appeared in Denver many times over his career. 
Houdini was known as a “magician,” but he specialized in escapes from dangerous situations. Houdini’s most famous escape trick in Denver involved being hung upside down and in chains from the balcony of the Denver Post building. Houdini was also known for speaking out against Spiritualists, who promised to communicate with the dead, and he drew a crowd when he spoke at Denver University. Aside from Houdini, Blackstone the magician, and escape artist Penny Conrad visited the Metro area.  

Advertising handbill, 1923 DU Clarion, Oct. 16, 1924
Advertising handbill, 1923                           DU Clarion, Oct. 16, 1924

Aurora Democrat, March 23, 1934 Aurora Advocate, Nov. 12, 1959
Aurora Democrat, March 23, 1934 Aurora Advocate, Nov 12, 1959

🎩 Magicians in Aurora 🐇 
The most famous magician to visit Aurora might not be someone you recognize today, but MacDonald Birch was popular in the 1930s.   Source: Aurora Democrat Newspaper, Sept. 23, 1938 

Birch - Famous Magician Thurstons Successor Coming

Situations wanted
Aurora had its own homegrown magicians too. Two teenagers were known around town as magicians for hire. They received local press coverage and placed ads in the classified section of newspapers to find gigs around town. 

Bill Klibbe was featured in the Aurora Advocate Feb. 14, 1963. 

Bill Klibbe article

Mark Merrill was another young Aurora magician who was featured in the Aurora Advocate on Feb 25, 1970 and advertised in the same paper on February, 25, 1970. 
Mark Merrill press articles and photos

Want to learn more fun facts about Aurora's past? Visit the Aurora History Museum! More info at

Explore A World of Magic, presented by Fitzsimons Credit Union, here.
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Harry Potter Book Week

No need to use the Floo Network to get to Hogwarts this year...we're using Muggle Tech!
Lessons at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have gone virtual! Join us for a week full of DIYs, trivia, discussions, contest & more celebrating the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for the fun! Click here for a full schedule more details.
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Create & DIY for adults

Harry Potter Wands
with Ollivanders and Head Mistress Julie

Swish and flick! Take a behind-the-scenes trip to Ollivanders and learn how to make your own wand!

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Create It!

Colorado has some amazing trails to explore nature! But what would a hike for a fairy look like? Join Joy with Aurora Parks, Recreation & Open Space in adding some magic to your backyard and making a hiking trail for fairies!

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Making Magic: Crafts for Kids

Flying Dragons
by Jennifer

This dragon craft will have kids roaring and smiling and wanting their dragon to fly over and over again.

- Toilet Paper Roll
- Construction paper
- Glue
- Marker
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Ruler
- String or yarn
- Googly eyes (optional)

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Summer of Imagination: May 27 - Aug. 1

Summer of Imagination - Aurora Public Library's re-imagined Summer Reading Program - starts today! We have a program for all ages so everyone can join in the fun! Go on a magical adventure while you read, learn and explore this summer!
Click here to register and download your reading log to start your quest to summer fun! 

Enjoy a special performance by the magnificent Ann Lincoln as she performs "Tales of a Juggling Bard" to celebrate the start of Summer of Imagination!

Follow us here on our blog and on Facebook for fun virtual programs all summer!
Check out our events calendar for a complete list of programs happening virtually this summer!
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