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December New Releases and Bestsellers! 


Post by Kristin S. 

As we head into the cold, but cozy month of December, take a look at the recent bestsellers, newly released DVDs, and timely series recommendations below! Follow the links in each post to find the item in our catalog for you to check out. Let us know what you think of each book or DVD in the comments section. Enjoy!

Recent New York Times Bestsellers:


Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

Borrow: [Print] [eBook]

The eagerly awaited sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Words of Radiance, from epic fantasy author Brandon Sanderson at the top of his game.

Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Janet Evanovich's #1 New York Times bestselling sensation Stephanie Plum returns in her latest captivating thriller where mutilated corpses litter the streets of New Jersey.

End Game by David Baldacci

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

When their handler takes a rare vacation and disappears, Will Robie and Jessica Reel are sent to investigate, but after arriving in the small town of Grand they encounter a vicious adversary.

The Midnight Line by Lee Child

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Reacher rides the bus north from Milwaukee. At a comfort stop in Wisconsin dairy country he takes a stroll. Among the cheap junk in a pawn shop window he notices a West Point class ring for sale. It's tiny. A woman cadet's ring. Why would she pawn it? Reacher knows what Serena Sanderson must have gone through to get it. He fights through a biker gang and a South Dakota gangster, following the trail of the ring to the emptiness of Wyoming, in search of Major Sanderson. Is she OK?

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Three students who have borrowed heavily to attend a third-rate law school realize they have been caught in a scam when they discover that the school's owner also owns a bank specializing in student loans, and plot to expose the scam.

Artemis by Andy Weir

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook]

The bestselling author of The Martian returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller—a heist story set on the moon.

Origin by Dan Brown

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, arrives at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend the unveiling of a discovery that "will change the face of science forever." 

Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook]

An investigation into the murder of a young pharmacist leads Harry Bosch and San Fernando's detective squad into the big-business world of pill mills and prescription-drug abuse at the same time that an old case from Bosch's days with the LAPD returns to haunt him.

Typhoon Fury by Clive Cussler

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

When they are hired to track down a valuable art collection, Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon find themselves sailing into a perfect storm involving a Filipino insurgency, a Japanese developed super-warrior drug, and a South African mercenary.

Every Breath You Take by Mary Higgins Clark

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

The fifth collaborative novel in the Under Suspicion series by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke, takes place at the Met Gala in New York City.

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

A collection of seventeen short stories includes three tales featuring a small-town newspaper column called "Our Town Today with Hank Fiset."


Quick & Dirty by Stuart Woods

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

When a beautiful new client seeks out Stone Barrington, he becomes entangled in the rarefied and intricate world of the art business, where mistakes are costly and trouble lurks beneath the exclusive veneer.

Fairytale by Danielle Steel

Borrow: [Print] [eBook]

When her life on her family's vineyard is shattered by her mother's death, Camille finds herself at the mercy of a cold-hearted stepfamily at the same time she bonds with her stepmother's mother and a friend from her childhood.

Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich

Borrow: [Normal Print] [Large Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

A tale set in a world of reversing evolution and a growing police state follows pregnant thirty-two-year-old Cedar Hawk Songmaker, who investigates her biological family while awaiting the birth of a child who may emerge as a member of a primitive human species.


Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden

Borrow: [Print] [eBook]

A deeply moving memoir about the year that would forever change both a family and a country.

Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza

Borrow: [Print]

Relive the extraordinary Presidency of Barack Obama through White House photographer Pete Souza's behind-the-scenes images and stories in this #1 New York Times bestseller--with a foreword from the President himself.

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

He was history's most creative genius. What secrets can he teach us?
The author of the acclaimed bestsellers Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin brings Leonardo da Vinci to life in this exciting new biography.

Bobby Kennedy by Chris Matthews

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

A revealing new portrait of Robert F. Kennedy that gets closer to the man than any book before, by bestselling author Chris Matthews, an esteemed Kennedy expert and anchor of MSNBC's Hardball.

Hacks by Donna Brazille

Borrow: [Print] [eBook]

The former Democratic National Committee chair presents a revealing look at the 2016 election, discussing the Russian hacking of the DNC and the missteps by the Clinton campaign and Obama administration that enabled a Trump victory.


Sisters First by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

The fraternal twin daughters of the 43rd U.S. president share personal stories and reflections from their lives within a political dynasty, from their grandfather's presidency through their subsequent upbringing under the eyes of the Secret Service, public, and paparazzi.


Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

A portrait of the seventh American president focuses on his formative military prowess during the War of 1812 and his pivotal contributions to the capturing of New Orleans from the British.

Grant by Ron Chernow

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Chernow returns with a sweeping and dramatic portrait of one of our most compelling generals and presidents, Ulysses S. Grant.

Killing England by Bill O'Reilly

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

The breathtaking latest installment in Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard's mega-bestselling Killing series transports listeners to the most important era in our nation's history, the Revolutionary War.

God, Faith, and Reason by Michael Savage

Borrow: [Book]

The conservative radio host shares his experiences with faith and spirituality, as well as his thoughts on religion and the Judeo-Christian basis of American culture that he has committed himself to preserve.


What Unites Us by Dan Rather

Borrow: [Book] [eBook]

A collection of essays that define the historical changes and essential institutions of America to suggest ways to overcome divisions within the country.


Endurance by Scott Kelly

Borrow: [Print] [eBook]

A memoir by the retired astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station.


 DVD New Releases (Nov-Dec):


Borrow: [DVD]

Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea, British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces facing a fierce battle in World War II.


Borrow: [DVD]

A victim of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 helps the police track down the killers while struggling to recover from devastating trauma.


Borrow: [DVD]

Just after being fired, Derek's office is put into quarantine for a virus that causes people to act out their wildest impulses. As chaos erupts, he makes his way to the top-floor executives to settle the score once and for all.


Borrow: [DVD]

A police raid in Detroit in 1967 results in one of the largest citizen uprisings in the United States' history.

The Trip to Spain

Borrow: [DVD]

Comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon continue their hit series with a hilarious culinary road trip through Spain, featuring breathtaking locales and to-die-for cuisine.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

Borrow: [DVD]

When Bradley (Vince Vaughn) is sent to prison, he is forced to commit acts of violence that turn the place into a savage battleground.


Logan Lucky

Borrow: [DVD]

Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Tulip Fever

Borrow: [DVD]

An artist falls for a young married woman while he's commissioned to paint her portrait during the Tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam.



Borrow: [DVD]

When an inventor turns up dead, a mysterious man (Peter Dinklage) steals his latest invention: a device able to extract, record and play a person's memories.



Borrow: [DVD]

Francesca Eastwood gives a breakout performance as an art student who is sexually assaulted at a party. After struggling to receive any support from her college to find justice and cope with her trauma, she impulsively confronts her attacker - a decision that has deadly repercussions. As she tracks down fellow rape survivors, an unlikely vigilante is born.


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Borrow: [DVD]

A dark force threatens Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. Special operatives Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.


The Hitman's Bodyguard

Borrow: [DVD]

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson star in this outrageous action comedy as an elite bodyguard and renowned hitman forced to work together. In order to succeed, they don't just have to avoid getting killed...they have to avoid killing each other.


Acts of Vengeance

Borrow: [DVD]

A fast-talking lawyer (Antonio Banderas) transforms his body and takes a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his wife and daughter and has his revenge.


Good Time

Borrow: [DVD]

Robert Pattinson stars in this fast-paced heist thriller about a bank robber who will stop at nothing to free his brother from prison, launching him into a night-long odyssey through New York's dark and dangerous criminal underworld.


Birth of the Dragon

Borrow: [DVD]

The legend of Bruce Lee begins in 1960s San Francisco, when Lee fights Shaolin monk Wong Jack Man in a battle for the ages.

Beach Rats

Borrow: [DVD]

Frankie (Harris Dickinson), a teenager on the edges of Brooklyn, struggles to reconcile his competing sexual desires, leaving him hurtling towards irreparable consequences.

California Typewriter

Borrow: [DVD]

Cultural historians, collectors, and various celebrity obsessives, including Tom Hanks and John Mayer, launch us into the bittersweet moment when a beloved-but-dying technology, the typewriter, faces extinction.


Want to read the Dark Tower series before you watch the movie? Here are the books:

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King


Book 1: The Gunslinger (1982)

Borrow: [Print] [Audiobook] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Roland, the world's last gunslinger, tracks an enigmatic Man in Black toward a forbidding dark tower, fighting forces both mortal and other-worldly on his quest.


Book 2: The Drawing of the Three (1987)

Borrow: [eBook] [eAudiobook]

The second volume in Stephen King’s #1 bestselling Dark Tower Series, The Drawing of the Three is an “epic in the making” (Kirkus Reviews) about a savage struggle against underworld evil and otherworldly enemies.


Book 3: The Waste Lands (1991)

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Roland, the last gunslinger, and his companions--Eddie Dean and Susannah--cross the desert of damnation, drawing ever closer to the Dark Tower, a legion of fiendish foes, and revelations that could alter the world.


Book 4: Wizard and Glass (1997)

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Roland, the last gunslinger, and his band of followers escape one world only to slip into the next where Roland reflects upon past adventures and about his one true love.


Book 5: Wolves of the Calla (2003)

Borrow: [Print] [Audiobook] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

Wolves of the Calla continues the adventures of Roland, the Last Gunslinger and survivor of a civilized world that has "moved on." Roland's quest is ka, an inevitable destiny -- to reach and perhaps save the Dark Tower, which stands at the center of everywhere and everywhen.


Book 6: Song of Susannah (2004)

Borrow: [Print] [Audiobook] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

While Jake, Father Callahan, and Oy struggle to free Susannah Dean, whose body is possessed by a demon-mother named Mia, Roland and Eddie find themselves swept by magic to East Stoneham, Maine, in the summer of 1977.


Book 7: The Dark Tower (2004)

Borrow: [Print] [eBook] [eAudiobook]

The final installment in the epic series completes the quest of Roland Deschain, who works to outmaneuver the increasingly desperate acts of his adversaries and confronts losses within his circle of companions.


Book 8: The Wind Through the Keyhole (2012)

Borrow: [Print] [Audiobook] [eBook]

Mid-World's last gunslinger Roland Deschain hunts down a murderous shape-shifter. Finding the site of the creature's latest killing, Roland discovers a single surviving witness--a terrified boy named Bill Streeter--and calms him with a story from the Book of Eld.


Sources: The New York Times, Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, Goodreads, EarlyWord, New DVD Release Dates

Posted by  On Dec 04, 2017 at 1:20 PM
On November 20, 2017, at approximately 5:16 pm officers were dispatched to 481 South Kalispell Way on a report of a shooting. Upon arrival officers found an 18 year old black male suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he remained in critical condition until November 24, 2017 when he succumbed to his injuries.

The investigation has revealed that the shooting was felonious and as a result one person is currently in custody in connection with the homicide. This is still an ongoing and active investigation so minimal information is being released at this time.

The identity of the victim will be released by the Arapahoe County Coroner’s office.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Agent Alton Reed with the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit at 303.739.6068.

Acting Sergeant Diana Cooley
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit
Posted by  On Nov 28, 2017 at 4:51 PM

On November 21, 2017, at approximately 6:00 P.M., a 13 year-old female victim was walking on the Highline Canal Trail south of South Middle School (See map below).  At this location, the female was approached by an adult male and she was pushed to the ground. The victim was able to quickly fight the suspect off and he fled the scene.  The male’s motive is unclear at this time.

 The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male, 17 to 26 years of age, standing approximately 5’10” tall with a heavy build.  The suspect was wearing a dark sweatshirt and he was riding a bicycle.  A composite sketch of the suspect is pending at this time and will be made available as soon as possible. 

The Aurora Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in solving this crime.  If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to contact Detective Jeremy Jenkins with the Crimes Against Children Unit at 303.739.6129.  Tipsters can also call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720.913.7867 to provide information. By using Crime Stoppers tipsters can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000. 


Officer Bill Hummel
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit

Posted by  On Nov 22, 2017 at 3:12 PM

On November 17, 2017 at approximately 9:30 P.M, Aurora Police officers responded to B K Liquors located at 14293 E 6th Ave on the report of a shooting.

Upon arrival, officers located an adult male in the parking lot who was suffering from a gunshot wound. The male was transported to an area hospital where he currently remains in critical condition. 

Investigators from the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit responded to the scene and are currently following on up leads and interviewing witness to determine what events lead up to the shooting and to identify a potential suspect(s) . The identity of the victim is not being released at this time.

The investigation into this incident is active and on-going. There is no further information to release at this time.

Anyone who has information regarding this case is asked to call Detective Jamie Krieger with the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit at 303.739.6113 or they can call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720.913.7867. By using Crime Stoppers tipsters can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000.

Officer Kenneth Forrest
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit

Posted by  On Nov 22, 2017 at 1:18 PM

On November 20, 2017 at approximately 5:15 P.M., Aurora Police Officers responded to a residence near the 400 block of S. Kalispell Way on the report of a shooting.

Upon arrival, Officers located an 18 year-old male who was suffering from a gunshot wound.  The male was transported to an area hospital where he currently remains in critical condition. 

Investigators from the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit responded to the scene and are following-up on up leads and interviewing witnesses to determine what events lead up to the shooting.  The identity of the victim is not being released at this time.

There is not currently believed to be any threat to the public as a result of this occurrence.

The investigation into this shooting is active and on-going. There is no further information to release at this time.

Anyone who has information regarding this case is asked to call Detective Alton Reed with the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit at 303.739.6068 or they can call 
Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720.913.7867. By using Crime Stoppers tipsters can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000. 

Officer Bill Hummel
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit



Posted by  On Nov 20, 2017 at 9:41 PM

On Sunday, November 19, 2017 at midnight, a uniformed Aurora Police Officer had just arrived at E. Colfax Ave. and N. Moline St. to assist with what appeared to be a vehicle versus pedestrian crash.


After being on scene for only a couple of minutes, the officer heard a single gunshot that he believed was fired in his direction.  The officer was uncertain of exactly where the shot came from and subsequently additional police resources were requested to the area from all parts of the city.  An extensive search was conducted by officers on the ground in the area and Denver Police Department’s ‘Air One’ helicopter assisted with a search by air.  A suspect was not located during the search and still remains at large.


One of the tires on the Officer’s marked patrol vehicle sustained damage.  As a part of the on-going investigation, Detectives will determine if this damage was related to the shot that was fired at the Officer. Very fortunately, the Officer was uninjured during the course of this incident. 


The case will be further investigated by the Aurora Police Major Crimes/Homicide Unit.  The Aurora Police Department is asking anybody with information about this case to please contact Sgt. Matt Fyles at (303) 739-6041.  Tipsters with information can also remain anonymous by contacting Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at (720) 913-7867 and can be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000. 


Officer Bill Hummel 
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit

Posted by  On Nov 19, 2017 at 2:17 AM
Aurora Police are investigating a shooting in Northwest Aurora that has left one man dead.

On November 6th at around 9:40p.m. Aurora Police responded to a report of a shooting at East 14th Avenue and North Paris Street.  Upon arrival officers located an adult male in the roadway who had been shot. He was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. 

The name of the victim will be released by the Arapahoe County Coroner's Office once he has been positively identified and his next of kin have been notified. 

Police have no suspect information at this time and are asking anyone with information about this case to call Agent Randy Hansen with the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit at 303.739.6710. Tipsters can also submit a tip by calling Metro Denver Crime Stoppers a 720.913.7876. By using Crime Stoppers tipsters can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000. 

Acting Lieutenant Chris Amsler
Public Information Officer
Media Relations Unit
Posted by  On Nov 07, 2017 at 12:41 AM
The Aurora Police Department is scheduled for an on-site assessment as part of a program to achieve national accreditation by verifying it meets professional standards.

Administered by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA®), the accreditation program requires agencies to comply with state-of-the-art standards in four basic areas: Policy and Procedures, Administration, Operations, and Support Services. The Aurora Police Department was first accredited by CALEA® in 1988, and is currently seeking its sixth re-accreditation.

As part of this on-site assessment, agency employees and members of the community are invited to offer comments. A public information session will be held:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 4:00 P.M.
Aurora Municipal Center
City Council Chambers
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, Colorado 80012

Agency employees and the public who are unable to attend the information session are invited to offer comments by calling the CALEA® assessor on the unrecorded line of 303.739.6162 on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, between the hours of 1:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.

Telephone comments, as well as comments at the public information session, are limited to 10 minutes and must address the agency’s ability to comply with the applicable CALEA® standards.  Click here for a copy of the applicable standards.

Anyone wishing to submit written comments about the Aurora Police Department’s ability to comply with the applicable standards for accreditation may send them to: Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., (CALEA); 13575 Heathcote Boulevard; Suite 320; Gainesville, Virginia 20155, or email.

Professional Standards Section

Posted by  On Nov 06, 2017 at 2:29 PM
Sergeant Brandon Samuels and K9 Deuce who appear in the 2018 Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. nationwide fundraising calendar will participate in a calendar signing event, Saturday, November 4, 11am - 1pm at District 1 Police Station 13347 E. Montview Boulevard, Aurora, CO. Autographed calendars will be for sale for $17 onsite.

All of the Aurora Police K9s have received bullet and stab protective vests from the nonprofit Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. based out of Massachusetts.

All proceeds from the 2018 calendars will be used to provide equipment and services for law enforcement K9s nationwide.

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. has donated over 2700 bullet and stab protective vests to law enforcement K9s in all 50 states at a cost of over $2.1 million dollars.

For those unable to attend the autograph signing event: 2018 Calendars are available online for $15 plus shipping via the Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. website at For mail orders contact 508-824-6978.

Sgt Samuels & K9 Deuce
Photograph courtesy of Kapture the Moment Photography.

Posted by  On Nov 01, 2017 at 5:01 PM
On October 28th, 2017, at about 10:09 AM, Aurora Patrol Officers responded to a call of a crash at S. Peoria St. and E. Mexico Ave. When Officers arrived, they found that a 2008 Silver Nissan Maxima was south bound on S. Peoria St. at a high rate of speed. The vehicle went over a small dip in the road at E. Mexico Ave. and lost control. It struck the right curb and then drifted across the double yellow line and struck a 2012 Jeep Wrangler that was north bound in the left lane.

The driver and passenger of the Nissan were transported to a local hospital where the passenger later died of his injuries. The driver has non life threatening injuries. The driver of the Jeep was also transported with non life threatening injuries.

Drugs or alcohol are not factors in this accident. It appears that all drivers were wearing seatbelts. Traffic investigators are handling this accident. It will take some time to determine what charges may be filed against the driver.

Identities of those involved are not being released at this time. S. Peoria St. remains closed between E. Mexico Ave. and E. Jewell Ave. while this crash is being investigated.

Sergeant William Revelle
Traffic Section Sergeant

Posted by  On Oct 28, 2017 at 2:58 PM
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