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Instructor Leyla Genculu


Working with clay is gentle magic. Clay serves as a reminder of what careful attention and curiosity can bestow upon your heart. I find the most exquisite moments of joy in life are uncomplicate
d—when warm sunlight plays across my face, when the familiar croon of my favorite song hangs in the air, when I stroll barefoot in the grass. Clay, too, brings these feelings of comfort and deep gratitude. The process imbues us with a stillness of spirit.

The imperfections of a handmade pot mirror the rawness and vulnerability that is inseparable from the human experience. The way I approach the surface of my pots reflects the intention with which I handle my emotions. My expressive line drawings and textured surfaces communicate depth and complexity of emotion while immersing me in a meditative state of making. Atmospheric firings provide unpredictability, much like the circumstances of life that inspire our emotions. There is magnificent strength in imperfection. By engaging with handmade objects, we are invited to soften towards our own unique imperfections.

Leyla Alexander-Genculu is a studio artist and potter living and working in Denver, Colorado. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a hunger for more ceramics classes, Leyla completed a year of Post-Baccalaureate study in Ceramic Art under professors Sunkoo Yuh and Ted Saupe. Leyla has also apprenticed with Athens, GA potter Maria Dondero. Studying in the lineage of Athens, Georgia potters such as Michael Simon and Ron Meyers has given Leyla a particular affinity for the mark of the potter on handmade ceramics.

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