2021 Residential Rate Tiers

Aurora Water will have a new residential water rate tier structure beginning in 2021.

Affordability, especially regarding water for the life, health and safety of our community, is a priority any time a rate change is being considered.

With the current three-tier rate structure, when Aurora Water incurs higher costs, all customers pay higher rates. By lowering the upper limit of usage in Tier 1 from 20 thousand gallons down to five thousand gallons, we have the ability to spread the additional costs to higher-usage customers who are using more of the water system capacity. Low-usage customers will continue to pay the lower rate.

Current Aurora Water Residential Rate Structure (2020)

 Tier Existing Rate
Monthly Usage
in thousand gallons
% of Bills at level
Tier 1 $5.63 0-20 95.5%
Tier 2 $6.41 20-40 4.2%
Tier 3 $8.01 40+ 0.3%
 +$12.81 per month service charge

New Aurora Water Residential Rate Structure (2021)

Tier 2021
Monthly Usage
in thousand gallons
% of Bills at level
Tier 1 $5.63 0-5 52.4%
Tier 2 $5.73 6-10 28.0%
Tier 3 $5.83 11-20 15.1%
Tier 4 $8.01 20+ 4.5%
 +$12.81 per month service charge

This new rate structure will have little to no impact on approximately 80% of customers. Most customers use only around 5,000 gallons or less during the winter, and between 7,500 and 8,000 gallons per month annually.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to AuroraWaterPR@auroragov.org

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