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Test Preparation

The City of Aurora Civil Service Commission is responsible for the administration of the Entry-Level testing process. They have adopted the following exams to select the best qualified Police Officer candidates:

1. Physical Fitness Test
2. Frontline Video Exam
3. Background Investigation
4. Job Suitability Assessment
5. Polygraph Exam
6. Medical Assessment
7. Psychological Assessment
8. Drug Test

The Police Department Background Unit is responsible for the administration of the Lateral entry testing process. That process consist of the following exams:

1. Qualification Screening
2. Background Investigation
3. Job Suitability Assessment
4. Polygraph Exam
5. Background Investigation
6. Physical Fitness Test
7. Chief's Interview

Video Exam:

The Civil Service Commission has adopted the Ergometrics Frontline Video Exam for Entry-Level testing. Frontline is a video based, multi-choice test which portrays situations commonly faced in law enforcement. Candidates are required to analyze situations and make quick judgments about how to respond. The Frontline video exam assesses competency in the following areas:
Human Interaction
Responding Calmly to Provocation
Unbiased Enforcement
Ethics and Social Maturity
Handling Authority
Gaining Cooperation
Observation and Analysis

Frontline Video Test Preparation Booklet

Frontline Practice Exam

Reading Test:

The Frontline Reading Test assesses competency to read at the minimum level required for the job of Police Officer.

Job Suitability Assessment (JSA):

Individuals applying for a position in law enforcement are expected to complete both a pre-employment, Job Suitability Assessment (JSA) and psychological screening (post job offer). Both screenings involve the completion of written testing and participation in a background interview with a psychologist.

The testing process generally takes two to three hours. Upon arrival at the psychologist's office applicants will complete intake paperwork and sign consent forms to participate in an evaluation. Applicants will then be given instructions concerning how to take the written portion of the evaluation and begin testing. During the applicant's appointment time they will meet individually with a psychologist to discuss relevant historical and background information.

The results of the JSA are submitted directly to the Civil Service Commission (police department for lateral applicants) both verbally and in writing. It is important for the applicant to understand that the JSA screening is not confidential.

Polygraph Exam:

The pre-employment polygraph examination is administered to confirm information obtained during your background investigation and interview. The applicant should allow approximately 2-1/2 hours to complete the polygraph process. When the applicant arrives at their scheduled appointment they fill out a questionnaire form used by the examiner as a guideline to conduct a pre-test interview.

During the pre-test interview the examiner explains the polygraph, allows the applicant to get their questions answered, and reviews each question that will be asked during the polygraph exam word-for-word. Then the examiner will conduct the polygraph exam. The results will be forwarded onto Aurora Civil Service Commission Background Investigations Team (police department for lateral applicants) for review.

Physical Fitness Testing:

Being a Police Officer is a very physically demanding career. The physical fitness test is used to assess a candidates physical state. Fitness is a significant part of the overall structure of the Police Academy. Recruit officers will participate in a fairly rigorous physical activity. Applicants are encouraged to start a fitness program that will prepare you for a long and healthy career as a police officer. Consult your doctor before starting any fitness program.

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