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Instructor Liam Grinton

My interest in ceramics started at a young age.  Though I didn't know it then, it would become a life - long love.  Clay's immediate and tactile nature fascinates me every day.  My work is influenced mostly by Japanese, Korean and English ceramics, but the entire span of ceramic history is fertile ground for inspiration.  I feel privileged to work in such an expressive and timeless material.

With tradition as my guide my work straddles the gap between beauty and function with the strong belief that they can be unified in the same piece.  Aesthetics and usefulness are not contradictory, and it is the unification of the two that distinguishes a well-used and loved heirloom piece.  I consider myself part of a community of potters present and long past; exchanging ideas and cultures and sharing a common means of expression.

In spirit with a craft that has changed little in centuries; I work with few tools, aside from the potters' wheel, wooden ribs, and my hands.  I source as many of my materials as possible from nature and my environment and process them myself.

My post are made to become features of everyday life. Their handmade character and function serve as the basis for an intimate relationship and dialogue between the Earth as the material, myself as the potter, and the life of the user.  It is my hope that my work enriches the life of the user in some way.  As I was once told early on: "the last thing the world needs is more bad pots, there are already too many of those, so make good pots." 
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