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Instructor Bradley Sweatt

Bradley Sweatt

Bradley Sweatt

As a student of life, I like to incorporate my observations into the emotions displayed in my work. The joy that I get from the molding of clay is immeasurable and I wish to continue by absorbing all the knowledge I can.  It is my goal to create pieces that will make the most joyless find a glimmer of hope and a wry smile in the corner of their mouths.

Sculptural forms allow me to share some of my experiences and memories both tragic and blissful.  The work itself grows from my own passion for evolving the pieces to their highest level by combining a myriad of techniques.  I press, stretch, throw and combine to make satirical sculptures that represent different human emotions.  Whether it be a giggling squirrel or a romp rousing gnome the earthen clay takes it's own form while it is guided with patience and care.  Imagine, if you will, that you could close your eyes and picture a shape in your head that becomes reproduced through the movements of your hands.  You would literally be your own three-dimensional printer but there would be subtle variations. 

It is my own opinion that these variations are a necessity to most any sculptural/digital form, adding to all of them a very real hand-made quality.  Life itself has its own jagged edges, why not let that which is crafted have some as well.  It is high fired earth and it is raw.  It is time and effort.  It is the discipline I follow.

The skills obtained of life long artists that were able to perfect them are merely another life time of commitment away.  There is more for all of us to learn.  We must never cease to continue on traditions that have been set in history by those artists before us, because when my humorous sculptures effectively regress their viewers, I myself get that same wry smile.

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