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Instructor Kylle Been

Kylee Bean

Kylle Been

As a ceramicist, I delight in experimentation that marries interesting glazes, firing processes, and clay bodies in new and innovative ways.  Clay is a powerful medium that gives the artist, the student, and the collector a vessel that holds and heals the soul.  My passion is in the creation of art pieces that are both durable and functional.  Over the last fifteen years, I have worked in the clay industry, maintained art studios, sold art at a few markets a year, as well as taught classes throughout the Denver area.  I have come to see teaching as an art form of its own.

Like many artists, I found it hard to limit myself to one medium until I took my first potter class in 2005.  I quickly fell in love with clay and discovered that this medium was going to take years of practice, experimentation, and study to master.  During the process of learning to create functional art, I realized that clay also has the power to bring people together, build friendships, and heal lives.  When I was offered the opportunity to start teaching pottery thirteen years ago I accepted and have since been developing skills in low, mid, and high fire clay bodies.  It gives me immense joy to assist others as they build their relationships with this powerful medium.  Along with providing an opportunity for self-realization, it is my goal to empower students to connect with the natural resources of clay and experience its grounding effects.

I keep coming back to a quote from Wood-Fired Stoneware and Porcelain by Jack Troy “Everything that you are is embodied in the results”.  The result I am hoping to bring is a more peaceful society where we live our lives surrounded by friends and beautiful art. 

As an artist, it’s important for me to embody clay’s intrinsic traits of forgiveness, plasticity, and strength.  Because this medium has been a powerful mentor for me, I am determined to share the skills I have developed by empowering others in the clay studio to build friendships, allow the pottery process to express their individual artistic voice, and let their creativity flow as a result.  Ultimately my artistic goal is to use the clay arts to contribute to healing lives and our world one pot at a time.


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