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Academy Life

COA Public Safety Training Center

If you are selected to become a member of the Aurora Police Department, you will be required to attend a 26-week training academy at the new state of the art City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center (14 weeks for lateral recruit officers) to receive some of the finest law enforcement training available. The police training instructors (P.T.I.s) at the training academy represent a diverse group of highly skilled officers who are dedicated to helping each recruit officer succeed and become a police officer with the city of Aurora.

Although the academy is mentally and physically challenging, it is also rewarding and life changing. From the first day of orientation to the badge pinning ceremony on graduation day, recruit officers are placed into teams that are led by a police training instructor.

Recruit in line

Recruit officers are paid their full starting salary throughout their time at the academy. Recruit officers are not required to live at the training academy. Instruction at the academy is regularly updated so that it is consistent with best practices in the law enforcement field. Those who graduate from the Aurora Police Academy will move on to the next phase of training with the confidence that they have some of the best training available.

A typical day at the academy starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.. Most days involve a mix of classroom instruction, physical conditioning and practical skills training. Classroom training is designed to prepare officers to conduct a wide variety of investigations, develop a solid understanding of the law and prepare recruits for the challenges that they will face as a police officer on the street.

Physical conditioning is often times rigorous and may include two to six mile runs, circuit training, sprint workouts, and weight resistance training.

Click here for a downloadable copy of our Academy Physical Training Prep Guide.

Practical skills training involves firearms, law enforcement driving, custodial arrest techniques, police tactics and self-defense. Recruit officers will experience a variety of training scenarios that mirror real world situations such as mock traffic stops and firearms combat courses.

Recruit officers who successfully graduate from the academy will be well prepared to move on to the next phase of training that will take them onto the street and put behind the wheel of a patrol car. In this stage of training, they will be paired with a training officer who will help them navigate through this final step in the training process.

If you are considering a career in law enforcement, we encourage you to contact our Recruiting Unit to learn more about becoming a police officer with the Aurora Police Department.

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