Family Book Club: "The Magic in Changing Your Stars" (Chapters 15-29) 
Leah Henderson

Welcome to Family Book Club! This is an exciting club for families who love to read and is appropriate for ages 8-15. The books chosen are always within the third to sixth grade level but both younger and older kids have enjoyed them! If your child is younger, I encourage the family to read the book aloud together or listen to the audiobook (if available)!

This month we are reading "The Magic in Changing Your Stars" by Leah Henderson. Ailey loves to dance but struggles with fears such as stage fright. With a magical pair of tap shoes, Ailey travels back in time and meets his grandfather and together they help each other build confidence. However, now that Ailey has changed the past, can he get home again to the present? Genre: FANTASY.

Chapters 15 (Chicken’s Not My Name) – 29 (Spilling Truth)
1. If you were Ailey, would you try to convince your young grandpa you were from the future?
2. What would you do if you had a run in with someone like Bumpy?
3. Things changed between Ailey and Taps pretty quickly. How do you think Ailey will fix things?
4. If someone told you that they are your grandchild, would you believe them?

Next week read chapters 30 (Truth Rings True All the Way to Your Toes) – 43 (A Smidgen of Your Own Magic)
We will be having a special virtual event on Monday, June 28 at 5 p.m. to meet the author! Please register here.
Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Tallyn's Reach Library. Please call 303.627.3050 if you'd like to put one on hold to be picked up at a different branch. Copies are also available through Prospector here.
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