Family Book Club: "Just South of Home" by Karen Strong (Chapters 20-28) 
May Family Book Club

Welcome to Family Book Club! This is an exciting club for families who love to read and is appropriate for ages 8-15. The books chosen are always within the 3rd-6th grade level but both younger and older kids have enjoyed them! If your child is younger, I encourage the family to read the book aloud together or listen to the audiobook (if available)!

This month we are reading “Just South of Home” by Karen Strong. Cousins Sarah and Janie, along with two friends, unearth a tragic event in their small Southern town’s history. With their new knowledge, it is up to them to heal their community. 
Please note: This novel contains religious themes as well as spooky moments involving ghosts (or haints). 

Chapters 20 (Family Meeting) – 28 (A Guilty Liar)

1. What is your favorite 4th of July tradition?
2. Janie and Sarah are learning what makes a real friend. Their old friends weren’t actually good ones. Have you had a similar experience?
3. People in town do not want to hear what Mrs. Whitney has to say. Why do you think they are uncomfortable?
4. Do you think Mrs. Green is so strict and (seemingly) unloving because of her family’s sad history?
5. If you were Sarah, would you forgive Jovita?
Next week read chapters 29 (Witching Hour) – 37 (Home)  
We will be having a special virtual event on Monday, May 24 at 5 p.m. to meet the author! Register here to receive WebEx link.

Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Tallyn's Reach Library. Please call 303.627.3050 if you'd like to put one on hold to be picked up at a different branch. Copies are also available through Prospector.
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