Reader's Realm: Sports! (Part 3) 
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Reader's Realm: Sports
with Lisa

Play on, sports! Keep commenting or join in now. 

A new discussion topic will be posted each week from now through March 24. Then on to a new genre/category.   

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Let’s get to it!
One important thing about most sports is teamwork.  How does teamwork figure into your story?  If yours is an individual sport, is there some kind of group the athlete/character belongs to?  What do you think about belonging to a team? Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post. 

In "Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook" by Iva-Marie Palmer, Gabby gives up baseball, her sport, after her new team decides she is a jinx.  She joins the field hockey team, which has a terrible record, and accidentally joins a non-sport team, a talent showcase.  Being on a team is very important to Gabby, but not only being on a team, but being the best on the team, the Golden Child.  She’s not that at any of the teams she’s on, but she can’t see that just being a useful part is as good as being the best.  She seems like she’s going to fail, big time. 

What’s happening in your book? 
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