Reader's Realm: Sports! (Part 2) 
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Reader's Realm: Sports
with Lisa

Play on, sports! Keep commenting or join in now. 

A new discussion topic will be posted each week from now through March 24. Then on to a new genre/category.   

Feel free to post as much as you like.  Click on the title of the post to get to the comment page. Be sure to read others’ comments and respond to them.   Let’s get to it: 

What has been the best sport’s action moment of your book so far?  Describe it as best you can. Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post.

My book, "Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook" by Iva-Marie Palmer, has been using a lot of sports analogies for everything.  Gabby sees the world through her sport, baseball, so it seems natural she’d describe everything that way.  The best sport's bit so far is kind of funny and sad.  Gabby wants to be a part of her new school's baseball team, but they’ve already started their season.  She goes to a practice waiting for a moment to run on the field and show her stuff.  When she does this, to catch a fly ball, she plows right into another player, giving her a bloody nose.  It’s funny because I can see someone doing something like this to get herself noticed, but it’s sad that this is what she thinks she has to do instead of talking to the coach or asking to play.  
What’s happening in your book? 
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