Reader's Realm: Fantasy! (Part 3) 
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Reader's Realm: Fantasy
with Lisa

The fantasy continues! Keep commenting or join in now. 
A new discussion topic will be posted each week from now through February 24. Then, on to a new genre/category!

Feel free to post as much as you like.  You’ll have to click on the title of the post to get to the comment page. Be sure to read others’ comments and respond to them.  Let’s get to it!

The group traveling together in my book, the boy, Princess Anne, Plain Anne, and the goblin have  a lot of adventures.  What adventures or difficulties are your characters facing?  Does it fit with the fantasy idea?  Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post (some of us want to add to our reading list!) 

In "The Goblin’s Puzzle" by Andrew S. Chilton the group faces many trials, both independently and as a team.  The boy and the goblin escape slavery, Plain Anne escapes a dragon, the boy bests an ogre, the team saves Princess Anne from that same dragon, and now they are in a terrible position with the Duke, who may be a sorcerer,  who wants to marry the princess, take control of the lands, and just get rid of the boy, Plain Anne, her father, and the goblin.  I like the different fantasy creatures that have entered the story; it keeps it lively.  How will they get out of this jam?  I guess I’ll have to keep reading. 

What’s happening in your book? 
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