Reader's Realm: Fantasy! (Part 1) 
Readers' Realm

Reader's Realm: Fantasy
with Lisa

Welcome to the Readers’ Realm.  This month’s genre:  FANTASY! Plan to read your book in about a month.  A new discussion topic will be posted each Wednesday from now through February 24. Then on to a new genre/category!   

Feel free to post as much as you like.  You’ll have to click on the title of the post to get to the comment page. Be sure to read others’ comments and respond to them.   Let’s get to it: 

We know fantasy most times has magical or mystical creatures.  From your book’s cover and title, what kind of creatures do you think will be in the story?  If no creatures, what kind of magical elements do you think you’ll find?  
Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post. 

I’m reading "The Goblin’s Puzzle: Being the Adventures of a Boy with No Name and Two Girls Called Alice" by Andrew S. Chilton. Obviously, a goblin will be in the story as it’s in the title.  A dragon is also pictured on the cover.  There’s also a castle and a small village, so it seems as if it’s going to take place in a fairy tale type land.  Maybe the kids have to solve the Goblin’s Puzzle to save someone/something?  I’ll have to find out! 

What’s happening in your book? 
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