Readers' Realm: Adventure! (Part 4) 
Readers' Realm

Readers' Realm: Adventure!
with Lisa

OK, this is it; we’re finishing up ADVENTURE!  Keep commenting or join in now. 
A new genre/category will begin next week, so you can start looking for a book.  Let’s go to FANTASY next. Check out some suggested books below, but remember - the choice is totally yours. 

As you finish your adventure book, did you find it to be a page turner (you know, the book you can’t put down)?  Did they characters actually finish the adventure or are you the reader left hanging?  Did it end like you wanted it to?  If so GREAT!  If not, what could have made it better? Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post (some of us want to add to our reading list!) 

In my book, "The Tomb" by S.A. Bodeen, I was left with a cliff hanger.  Another unknown spaceship had pulled the Tomb to them with a tractor beam, and now Kiva and Seth are faced with a similar decision to the one they had before; they are not both going to get to leave.  The ship is ruled by the Witch, so staying onboard is not a good option.  Only one escapes, but what will happen to the other?  I guess we need a sequel to find out! 

Remember we’ll start next week with Fantasy!  Here are some suggested titles, but, of course, the choice is yours!

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