Readers' Realm: Adventure! (Part 3) 
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Readers' Realm: Adventure!
with Lisa

The adventure continues! Keep commenting or join in now. 

A new discussion topic will be posted each week from now through January 27. Then on to a new genre/category.   
Feel free to post as much as you like.  You’ll have to click on the title to get to the comment page. Be sure to read others’ comments and respond to them.  Let’s get to it!

What’s an adventure without a little life or death?  Have the characters in your book had to face any life or death situations?  Have they had to make any sacrifices to keep going on their adventure?  Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post (some of us want to add to our reading list!) 

In my book, "The Tomb" by S.A. Bodeen, Kiva has a difficult decision to make.  Her friend, Seth, has been knocked out with some poison and can’t walk or talk.  Should she leave him with the evil caretaker of the spaceship and take the much needed spare part back to her ship or leave the part, which could cause everyone on her ship to die, and save Seth?  What a decision!  She has to do something to get away from the evil guy, but neither choice is good.  Maybe she can come up with a third choice? 

What’s happening in your book? 
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