Family Book Club: "Song for a Whale" ( Chapters 13 - 25) 
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Family Book Club

Song for a Whale

"Song For a Whale" by Lynne Kelly is our Family Book Club pick for October!
Aurora Public Library and Jefferson County Public Library will be hosting a LIVE Book Talk with the author via Zoom on Monday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m.! Register here and get your hands on a copy (available in hardback and as an audiobook).
Call the Tallyn's Reach Library at 303.627.3050 to put a copy on hold today! 
(Jefferson County Public Library patrons,  find copies of "Song for a Whale" in print, as a book on CD and as an eAudiobook and eBook via Axis360.)
Chapters 13 - 25 Questions:
- How do you think Blue 55 feels?
- What did you think of Iris working with the band to create a song for Blue 55? I was really impressed that she added even more to it using the app!
- Do you think Iris wants to help the whale because she relates with him or because she wants to fix him?
- How did you feel when Iris's parents and Andi said she couldn't go to Alaska?
- Would you be brave enough to fly somewhere alone? I'm so glad Iris's grandmother agreed to go along!

Leave your thoughts on the book so far in the comments.
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