Check It Out! "Nocturna" (Movie Review) 
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a movie review by Deana

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What's the basic plot?
Tim, an orphan in London who is afraid of the dark, has just learned that his star Adhara has disappeared from the night sky. An adventure through the night takes him on a journey of strange happenings that he never knew existed. Tim learns that he has a guardian cat name Tobermory who is up through the night protecting him while he sleeps. Tim knows all about the stars, so why is his star suddenly gone. As he investigate about what happen to his star, he meets strange creatures of the night that helps him find the truth behind his most beloved night star. 

Why you might like it
Tim is a little shy and awkward around the other children at his orphanage home. They all know that he is afraid of the dark and when they do mean things to him like hide his favorite stuff animal, Tim goes to his secret place where he knows that he is loved. Soon Tim sets off through the night and meets strange creatures like Cat Sheperd, Mr. Pee, Sr. Moka, Pastor de Gatos and so many more. As he travels on an adventure through the night with Cat Shepherd, the North Star and his guardian cat Tobermory to find out who cause his star Adhara to disappear, Tim has to overcome his fears from what is causing the Nocturna creatures and Adhara his star to disappear. With daylight coming too soon, will Tim be able to save the Nocturna creatures and his star - or will they be lost forever? 
Reasons you  might not like it
You might not like this film for some children because the animation characters are a little dark (no pun intended by the title). I would not recommend this film to young children, but every child is different. It is a great film if you have a youth trying to overcome their fear of the dark.  
Who's in it?
Cat Sheperd played by Robert Paterson

Pastor de Gatos played by Imanol Arias

Moka played by Roger Carel

Sr. Moka played by Carlos Sobera

Tim played by Lloyd F. Booth Shankley

Mr. Pee played by Joshua Zamrycki
Where to watch it
Every title I recommend is available for you to watch instantly, for free, using our digital library services. 

”Nocturna” can be accessed using Kanopy , with a direct link here:

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