Storytime-at-Home: The Benefits of Storytime 
Benefits of Storytime

Storytime-at-Home: The Benefits of Storytime
by Tess J. 

Most public libraries host multiple storytimes per week for different age groups. Families attend, not only because it is fun and engages the children for 30-60 minutes, but because parents/guardians know that their children will learn. With our model of Read, Write, Sing, Talk and Play, children will be exposed to numerous skills that go beyond the basics of numbers and colors.

The list is endless but here are a few skills children learn at storytime:
- Letter/Word Recognition (both visual and auditory)
- New Vocabulary
- Fine and Gross Motor Development
- Imagination and Storytelling 
- Listening skills

These are just a few in the long list of early literacy skills children will take away from storytime, plus the added bonuses of learning how to sit still, use quiet voices, follow directions and more! I love storytime for all that it provides for children's development in a fun and interactive way. 

While storytime at the library is a great place to learn and practice these skills, it's important to practice them at home too! That is why I created these Storytime-at-Home activity sheets. Parents and caretakers are children's first teachers and children learn more from parents and caregivers than anyone else, especially 0-5 year olds. You have the opportunity to foster their early literacy development! These activity sheets will help you read, sing, play, talk and write with your child(ren)!

Storytime-At-Home: General
Storytime-At-Home: Bedtime
Storytime-At-Home: Dinosaurs
Storytime-At-Home: Fairy Tales
Storytime-At-Home: Lions, Tigers & Bears

Print them out or request one of our themed Curbside Surprise bundles via our library catalog to get a copy!
We've compiled suggested titles for storytime-at-home too. Visit our Pinterest page for recommended reads, songs, activities and crafts to try at home!

Looking for more early literacy tips? Check out our Read, Write, Talk, Sing and Play handouts here! 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have moved our storytimes online! Join us on Facebook at the below times for storytime!
All Ages - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 10 a.m.
- American Sign Language (signed in ASL & read in English) - Wednesdays, 10 a.m.
- Pajama Storytime - Thursdays, 6:30 p.m.
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