Family Book Club: "A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd (Part 2) 
"A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd
Chapters 11 - 19

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A Snicker of Magic

Discussion Questions:
- Felicity’s talent is to see words; Frannie Jo seems to hear music around her; Mama used to paint and Uncle Boone can see color in music. Do you think Aunt Cleo has a talent? Can you guess what it could be? 

- We now know what "a snicker of magic" means. Do you remember what Jonah said it is?

- Can you think of someone in your life that could use some help from the Beedle? How could the Beedle make a difference? 

- Now that we know Felicity is related to the Threadbare Brothers, do you think her family is cursed? Do you think she’ll be able to figure out how to break the curse?

- Jewell Picket’s Lube & Dye is a mechanic shop AND a beauty parlor. What a weird combination! What kind of combo shop can you think up (two of your passions put together)?

- Make a prediction - do you think Felicity will be able to persuade her mother to paint the Gallery?
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Grant (Guest) said On 30 April, 2020 at 3:46 PM
1) I think that Cleo has a talent. I think that it is to make quilts 2) Jonah stayed that it is like a pinch of Magic 3) my dog gets bored some times so I think that the beetle shall visit her 4) I think that her family is cursed but I think that she will find a way to stop it 5) library and game stop 6) I think she will  
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