Family Book Club: "A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd (Part 1) 
Family Book Club with Miss Tess

"A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd
Chapters 1 - 10

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A Snicker of Magic

Discussion Questions

1. From the mother’s story, what kind of magic would you want? (I would want to bake some magic into pies and cakes!)

2. Have you ever been the new kid(s) at school? Can you relate with Felicity and Frannie Jo?

3. Chocolate chip pork rind ice cream?? Yuck! What flavors would YOU create at Dr. Zook’s Ice Cream Parlor?

4. A boy in Felicity’s class asked why they called themselves the Brothers Threadbare. Later, Aunt Cleo tells Felicity “threadbare” means shabby, worn-out, well-used… Felicity’s teacher (Miss Lawson) tells the students they’ll need to figure out why the brothers called themselves that on their own. Do you have any guesses?

5. What would your talent be at a talent show?

6. What do you think of Jonah (the Beedle)?

7. Do you think Roger Pickle will come back?

8. What do you think of Oliver Weatherly, owner of Dr. Zook’s and original Beedle?

9. If Oliver offered you Blackberry Sunrise ice cream, would you take it? Why or why not?

10. Do you think the last sentence in chapter 10 is foreshadowing? That means when something is stated early in the book and comes true later on. 

11. What are you enjoying most about this book so far? Any predictions you would like to make?

Comment from Miss Tess: I love the silly words used in this book. Like Felicity says, “Why the hayseed you call yourself a Beedle…?” and “too spindiddly an offer to pass up.” It would be fun to be like Felicity and write down all the words we like from this novel!
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Reid (Guest) said On 30 April, 2020 at 3:01 PM
1. I would want to say dance while snapping and then and then a disco ball would pop out and I could dance. 2. No. I have never been the new kid. 3. I would create chocolate cookie. 4. I have no guesses. 5. My talent would be dancing! 6. I think of Jonah as nice. 7. Yes I think Roger Pickle will come back. 8. I think of Oliver Weatherly as nice too. 9. No. I would not take the ice cream because I do not want to know bad memories . 10. No I do not think that is foreshadowing. 11. I am enjoying everything.  
Grant (Guest) said On 29 April, 2020 at 3:13 PM
1) I would want to turn invisible for my power. 2) I have been the new kid at school but i can not relate to Felicity and Franny. 3) I would make an Ice cream flavor that tasted like bread. 4) I thought that they called them self that because that was their last name. 5) I don’t know 6) I think that he is a nice guy. 7) I think that in the very end he will 8) I think that he is very secretive 9) I would because I want to remember stuff 10) Yes I do think it is foreshadowing 11) I like that it is a magic book. I think that Felicity is going to win the duel.   
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