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No Clowning around with


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What could possibly be worse than a clown? How about a multi-dimensional entity that can take on the form of whatever you fear most? I would say that just about takes the cake. If you recently took a visit to theaters to see Stephen King’s IT directed by Andrés Muschietti, then you probably have a few questions about the true nature of IT. While Pennywise the Clown may be the most favored form for IT to take, there is certainly so much more to the story.  In order to tell you the full backstory of IT, you need to know the story of the Stephen King Universe.

Yes that is right, there is a Stephen King universe, much alike you’re Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe and etc. To the casual Stephen King reader it may seem as if all of his franchises are separate entities, however there is one ultimate series that brings all of his writings together. This would be the Dark Tower universe and it is here where we find out more about where the ancient evil IT actually comes from.  

When I say ancient, I’m talking millions of years. When I say evil, I’m talking about a reality between dimensions where only darkness and monsters reside. In IT, this area is referred to as the Macroverse and was later referred to as the Todash Space within the Dark Tower series. It is from this dreaded space which IT originates. Now with knowing that, I’m sure you can see that IT is most certainly not just a clown. But then you ask “So what is IT?” To that I say “oh boy”.

Describing a creature that is beyond human comprehension is a tricky task, but it is one that Stephen King was up for. In one of the final confrontations between IT and the protagonists, IT takes the form of a giant spider. This however, is not the true form but merely the closest thing the human mind can relate to and grasp. The true form can be found in a realm outside of the ordinary known as the Deadlights. When one looks into IT’s eyes, it is possible to see through to the Deadlights and the true form of this being. After a certain character came dangerously close into looking into the eyes for too long, it was able to see what could only be described as a horrible hairy creature made of orange writhing lights that seemed to stretch on forever with no end. It was fortunate that this time of eye contact was cut short as nearly all of the victims who have looked into the Deadlights have succumbed to insanity with no hope for recovery.

So for those keeping count; that is 7 average preteen children versus 1 shape shifting, malevolent creature that has thrived for millions of years in darkness and terror that is incomprehensible by both size and form. Sure, I say those sound like good odds! Oh, and the more fear it instills in IT’s prey, the more delicious it taste before it feasts.

It is for that reason, that IT takes so many different forms and tends to favor it’s Pennywise persona. So many individuals have an ingrained fear of clowns, that Pennywise is the perfect go to for conjuring up fear. Driving your prey insane just doesn’t cut it when it comes to feeding time. Whether it be an unsettling clown, leper, mummy, werewolf or a massive spider, IT’s objective is to scare you as much as possible. 

For those of you who have seen the new film, you are probably wondering why you haven’t seen any of this. With the combination of the cosmic nature of IT and the limited budget of 30 million dollars, it was far too much of a box office risk to include the origin story of IT. Now that the film has brought in over 600 million dollars the director has ensured that the sequel will delve into the cosmic and very weird aspects of IT. You can look forward to seeing this sequel in September of 2019. With what will most certainly be a larger budget, we can hope for a spectacle for the eyes when it comes out.

We have already delved into spoiler territory quite a bit, but to tell you any more about IT would be a disservice to both Mr. King and you the reader. I highly recommend you pay a visit to your nearest Aurora Public Library and check out a copy of IT and read on for a far better story that one I can tell. I promise that a fantastic and compelling read awaits you. You can also be sure that you will be able to check out IT when it comes out on home media.

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