This Blog is for You 


This Blog is for You


Post by Brittni E. 

Do you ever get that feeling of when you finish a book and feel so emotionally drained that you cannot even fathom reading a new book or series? That is a feeling I get all the time. I always feel incredibly invested in all of the characters that line the pages of the book I am reading that when I finally finish that last page-I can barely handle not having them in my life anymore. Recently, I re-read a Young Adult series that I had read when I was a teenager by Meg Cabot-the Mediator Series-and I devoured all 7 books within days. I instantly felt myself lost inside the words and characters of this series that when I finished-it felt impossible to not know what else Jesse and Susanna (trust me, read this series) were up to next. There was a hole in my world-which certainly only the characters of this series could fill-I NEEDED MORE. 

Nevertheless-the series was done and I knew I had to move on. But how do you start a new book-standalone or series-just like that. How could any other book possibly be as good and as invigorating? Of course, we all know this feeling eventually subsides right? We succumb to the fact that we must move on and start the search for our next great read. Do you struggle finding your next great read? Because honestly, I do. I’m a librarian and love books but I often find myself in a book rut-not knowing what to read next. 

This feeling-this fleeting, awful, disgusting feeling is something this blog aims to help you lose all together. Looking for your next great read? Look no further than our blog. Not only will our blog encapsulate family fun, book recommendations, author profiles, and all things library but it will (we hope) be a great avenue and forum for you and others to enjoy sharing, commenting, and growing through shared connections with others. 

Welcome to Aurora Public Library’s Blog. We are pleased to offer this site that showcases posts written and created for you by our library staff. Each week, expect to read new posts that will not only captivate you as a reader but also engage your family as well. This blog is for you-we hope you enjoy it. 

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