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Readers' Realm

Reader's Realm: Sports
with Lisa

OK, this is it; we’re finishing up SPORTS.  Keep commenting or join in now. 

Readers’ Realm will be taking a break for a while.  Keep watch as it might return in the fall. 

As you finish your book, did it come down to one big game or one big play?  Tell about it.  If not, how did the sport figure into how the book ended?  Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post. 

In my book, "Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook" by Iva-Marie Palmer, Gabby ends up with TWO games/competitions at the same time, baseball and talent show.  She manages to do her best at both.  In the baseball game, it doesn't come down to her having the best, win-all play.  I like that.  She is part of it, but only a part.  Baseball is her thing, and she finds a way to bring baseball into the talent show as well.  Plus, she learns a hard lesson; she is not always the Golden Child, and that’s OK.  

Remember, look for Readers’ Realm to return in the fall.  In the meantime, keep reading! 
Posted by [email protected]  On Mar 24, 2021 at 8:20 AM
Grab & Go Together

Grab & Go Together: Spring Trees
with Julie & Karen

Spring has sprung! Create your own decorative spring tree!

Need supplies? Grab & Go kits are available at Tallyn's Reach Library while supplies last. 

Posted by [email protected]  On Mar 23, 2021 at 5:23 PM
Meet Eric Berlin

Welcome to Family Book Club! This is an exciting club for families who love to read and is appropriate for ages 8-15. The books chosen are always within the third to sixth grade level but both younger and older kids have enjoyed them! If your child is younger, I encourage the family to read the book aloud together or listen to the audiobook (if available)!

This month we are reading "The Puzzling World of Winston Breen" by Eric Berlin. This is a fun mystery, full of puzzles that you can solve along with Winston, and the prize is treasure! Below is a suggested reading schedule. Every Monday, visit this blog to help guide your reading!

Chapters 6-10 
- Do you think North and Glowacka will stick with the hunt? They both seemed ready to quit for different reasons when they first met up with Winston and the ex-cop, Marietta. 
- Make a guess: how do you think the treasure hunt is going to go? 
- Do you think everyone will work together or will they end up separating? If they do, who do you think will find it first? 
- When you saw the new puzzle pieces, did they give you any ideas? 
- By deduction, Marietta thinks Winston broke into Mrs. Lewis’s house. Do you agree with him or not? 

Next week read chapters 11-15! 

We will be having a special virtual event on March 29 at 5 p.m. to meet the author! Register here to receive the WebEx link.

This event is in collaboration with Jefferson County Public Library and their Young Reader's Book Club. Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Tallyn's Reach Library. Please call 303.627.3050 if you'd like to put one on hold to be picked up at a different branch. Copies are also available through JCPL and Prospector.
Posted by [email protected]  On Mar 22, 2021 at 1:07 PM
Read It!

APL Reader's Corner
with Elizabeth & Julie

Welcome to APL Reader’s Corner! This month we are reading "A Study in Charlotte" by Brittany Cavallaro. Let us know what you think about the book in the comments!

Check it out instantly as an eBook and digital audiobook, as well as the rest of the series, from hoopla digital here.

Posted by [email protected]  On Mar 19, 2021 at 10:17 AM
Readers' Realm

Reader's Realm: Sports
with Lisa

Play on, sports! Keep commenting or join in now. 

A new discussion topic will be posted each week from now through March 24. Then on to a new genre/category.   

Feel free to post as much as you like.  (Click on the title of the post to get to the comment page. Be sure to read others’ comments and respond to them.)

Let’s get to it!
One important thing about most sports is teamwork.  How does teamwork figure into your story?  If yours is an individual sport, is there some kind of group the athlete/character belongs to?  What do you think about belonging to a team? Please include the title and author of the book you’re reading in your post. 

In "Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook" by Iva-Marie Palmer, Gabby gives up baseball, her sport, after her new team decides she is a jinx.  She joins the field hockey team, which has a terrible record, and accidentally joins a non-sport team, a talent showcase.  Being on a team is very important to Gabby, but not only being on a team, but being the best on the team, the Golden Child.  She’s not that at any of the teams she’s on, but she can’t see that just being a useful part is as good as being the best.  She seems like she’s going to fail, big time. 

What’s happening in your book? 
Posted by [email protected]  On Mar 17, 2021 at 10:06 AM
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