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Read Across America

Read Across America (Week 3)
by Stacy

Read Across America is a year-long celebration of all things reading! Starting in August and ending in July, Read Across America is about making time to read with kids and showing how reading is important and fun!

If we are going to create more readers, more writers, people who feel included and recognized, and people who understand that the world is far richer than just their experiences alone, kids need books that are as diverse and complex as the society we live in.

Join us as we read across the country with Books Across America! Enjoy the comforts of reading in your own state, or travel the map to explore something new! 

Check out recommendations for each state below! 
See a book you want to read? Click on the title to be taken to our catalog or Prospector to place a hold or borrow instantly!

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Mental Health Spotlight

Resources listed are for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat a condition without the guidance of a mental health professional. If you or someone you know is having a mental health emergency, please call 911 or Colorado Crisis Services at 1.844.493.TALK.

Hey teens! Interested in mental health?

Each month Aurora Public Library focuses on a different topic related to mental health. Swing by the Aurora Central Library's teen area to browse YA novels and nonfiction related to the monthly topic. Whether you or someone you know is facing a mental health issue, or you are just interested in the topic, APL has information, resources and reading materials for you. 

Remember, your mental health matters. 

This month’s Mental Health Spotlight is on Depression.  

Central Display

About Depression
Depression (major depressive disorder) is a medical illness that can interfere with your ability to handle your daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or managing your school work. Depression is common but that doesn’t mean it isn’t serious.  
Sadness is something we all experience. It is a normal reaction to a loss or a setback, but it usually passes with a little time. Depression is different.  
Well-meaning friends or family members may try to tell someone with depression to “snap out of it,” “just be positive,” or “you can be happier if you just try harder.” But depression is not a sign of weakness or a character flaw.  

This helpful article does an excellent job at explaining Depression.

Most people with depression need treatment to get better. 
If you are wondering if you may have depression, take this self-assessment or ask yourself these questions: 
Do you constantly feel sad, anxious, or even “empty,” like you feel nothing? 
Do you feel hopeless or like everything is going wrong? 
Do you feel like you’re worthless or helpless? Do you feel guilty about things? 
Do you feel irritable much of the time? 
Do you find yourself spending more time alone and withdrawing from friends and family? 
Are your grades dropping? 
Have you lost interest or pleasure in activities and hobbies that you used to enjoy? 
Have your eating or sleeping habits changed (eating or sleeping more than usual or less than usual)? 
Do you always feel tired? Like you have less energy than normal or no energy at all? 
Do you feel restless or have trouble sitting still? 
Do you feel like you have trouble concentrating, remembering information, or making decisions? 
Do you have aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or stomach problems without a clear cause? 
Do you ever think about dying or suicide? Have you ever tried to harm yourself? 

Learn more about Depression here.

7 Facts You Should Know About Depression

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

If your depression becomes so overwhelming that you can’t see any solution besides harming yourself or others, you need to get help right away. 

Asking for help can be really difficult, but it’s vital you reach out to someone you trust—a friend, family member, or teacher, etc. If you don’t feel that you have anyone to talk to, or think that talking to a stranger might be easier, call a suicide helpline - 800-273-8255
• Whatever your situation, it takes real courage to face death and step back from the brink. 
• Having thoughts of hurting yourself or others does not make you a bad person. 
• If your feelings are uncontrollable, tell yourself to wait 24 hours before you take any action. 
• If you’re afraid you might do something, make sure you are never alone. Even if you can’t verbalize your feelings, just stay in
  public places, hang out with friends or family members.

Read more on suicidal thoughts.

Find Community

Check out The Mighty, a website dedicated to providing community and support online. No matter what health situation you're going through. The Mighty breaks down what health is really like. 

Read through these relatable articles regarding depression and how it can affect your life.
22 'Red Flags' That Might Mean You're Slipping Back Into Depression
 What I Wish I Could Tell You Instead of 'I'm Fine'
 The 'Depression Chart' I Made to Help Others Understand My Depression
Depression Is Not the Same as Sadness 

Explore Young Adult novels & nonfiction that address Depression

For more resources for all ages, visit the nonfiction department at your local library and look for call number 616.8527. Resources are also available at Aurora Mental Health.

Check back in May for our next Mental Health Spotlight!  
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Family Book Club

Welcome to Family Book Club! This is an exciting club for families who love to read and is appropriate for ages 8-15. The books chosen are always within the third to sixth grade level but both younger and older kids have enjoyed them! If your child is younger, I encourage the family to read the book aloud together or listen to the audiobook (if available)!

This month we are reading "Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer" by Kelly Jones. City girl Sophie has no idea what to do when her family moves to a farm they have inherited. Soon things get stranger when she realizes the chickens have superpowers! When a local farmer finds out what the chickens can do and tries to steal them, it’s up to Sophie to keep them safe! Genre: FANTASY.

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

Suggested Reading Schedule
- Monday, March 29 - Sunday, April 3: Chapters 1 (June 2, 2014) – 9 (June 12, 2014 to Mr. James Brown) 
- Monday, April 4 - Sunday, April 10: Chapter 10 (June 14, 2014) – 18 (June 18, 2014) 
- Monday, April 11 - Sunday, April 17: Chapters 19 (June 18, 2014 later) – 27 (June 26, 2014 to Mr. Brown)
- Monday, April 18 - Sunday, April 25: Chapters 28 (June 26, 2014 to Agnes) -36 (July 10, 2014)  

Chapters 1 (June 2, 2014) – 9 (June 12, 2014 to Mr. James Brown)
1. Do you enjoy writing letters? I do! I also like to write out letters that I may or may not send (like the one Sophie writes to her deceased grandmother). It helps to unravel my thoughts and feelings.
2. Pretend we didn’t have video chat technology… Do you have a family member that you wish you could talk to again?
3. If you had a farm with no animals, what is the first animal you would want to get? 
4. Do you think Henrietta came over from the neighbor’s farm? Or from the Redwood Farm Supply that Sophie requested a catalog from?
5. If you found a chicken coop and a chicken that seemed to have powers, would you tell your parents or keep it secret?
Next week read chapters 10 (June 14, 2014) – 18 (June 18, 2014)!
We will be having a special virtual event on April 26 at 5 p.m. to meet the author! Register here to receive the WebEx link.
This event is in collaboration with Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) and their Young Reader's Book Club. Copies of the book are available for checkout at the Tallyn's  cReach Library. Call 303.627.3050 to place a hold.
Copies are also available through JCPL and Prospector.
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Made in a Mug

APL Made in a Mug: Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake
by Tess

Need a sweet treat? A savory mouthful? Join us for "APL Made in a Mug" for your next bite-sized recipe! April’s recipe is Gluten-Free Strawberry Shortcake, recipe by our own librarian Tess!

If you try this recipe, let us know what you think of it in the comments! 

Posted by [email protected]  On Apr 02, 2021 at 10:05 AM
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