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The Aurora Police News Blog was created in 2016 as a new way to share news and information from the Aurora Police Department with the community we serve. It is maintained by the staff of the Public Information Officer. 

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The men and women of the Aurora Police Department are committed to making a Aurora a safer place everyday.

DISCLAIMER: Information is subject to change as case investigations proceed. Individuals arrested on the basis of probable cause have not been charged. All arrestees are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. 

Recent Posts
This afternoon Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson terminated the employment of Officer Robert Lyons for untruthfulness and theft of city time.

Between August 3, 2020 and September 22, 2020, Officer Lyons left work early a total of nine days (34.25 hours) without receiving authorization from his supervisor. He also failed to document his time in the department's time management system as required by department directives.  When he was questioned by a supervisor about taking time off he was untruthful and stated that he had not taken any time off during that period.  

An Internal Affairs Bureau investigation was initiated and during his interview with investigators Officer Lyons admitted to being untruthful when he was questioned by his supervisor about the time off. 

During the discipline review process Officer Lyons was sustained for violating the following Department Directives:

14.2.15 Unsatisfactory Performance
8.2.3 Request for Leave
14.2.2 Making a False or Untruthful Declaration

Chief Wilson's Statement:

“A police officer who chooses to be dishonest forfeits their credibility and becomes ineffective to the judicial system, our police department and the community we serve.

My commitment to rebuild trust with our community will not tolerate such deceptive conduct of an officer who has been given the privilege to wear this badge.

It is disappointing to learn an officer has betrayed their oath. I want to reassure the community I will continue to hold our members accountable for their actions while also recognizing the majority who display unwavering integrity each and every day.”

Officer Lyons was hired in 2017 and was last assigned to District 2 Patrol.  He has had no previous formal discipline. 

Internal Affairs Investigation Summary of Evidence
Disciplinary Order

Lieutenant Chris Amsler
Commanding Officer
Media Relations Unit
Posted by [email protected]  On Feb 17, 2021 at 4:32 PM
This afternoon Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson terminated the employment of Officer Robert Rosen for using excessive force during an arrest.

On August 10, 2020 Officer Rosen responded to the King Soopers store located at 6412 South Parker Road to assist a fellow officer who was in contact with an uncooperative man who he was attempting to arrest for trespassing.  The officer who was requesting assistance was on the ground with the man who was passively resisting by laying on his stomach and keeping his arms underneath him.  When Officer Rosen arrived he briefly tried to get the man's arm out without giving any verbal orders. He then escalated the situation by punching the man multiple times in his ribs.  He deployed his Taser a total of five times, for a total of 27 seconds in a two minute period.  During the arrest Officer Rosen never attempted any lesser means of force nor did he make any attempts to deescalate the situation in accordance with Aurora Police training.

The man received minor injuries during the arrest, he was released to paramedics who transported him to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment.

In accordance with Department Directives a use of force investigation was immediately initiated by a patrol supervisor who reported and documented his concerns about Officer Rosen's actions. This incident was then reviewed by the department's Force Review Board who recommended that it be investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau for potential directive violations.  

During the Use of Force and Internal Affairs Investigation it was discovered that Officer Rosen had failed to activate his body worn camera when he arrived on scene and failed to document his justifications for each use of force that he used during the arrest.  During the discipline review process Officer Rosen was sustained for violating the following Department Directives:

5.3:  Use of Physical Force
14.2.15: Unsatisfactory Performance
16.4.3: Body Worn Camera Operation
5.8.10: Taser
14.1.1 Lawful Orders

The District Attorney's Office for the 18th Judicial District completed a criminal review of this incident resulting in no criminal charges being filed against Officer Rosen.

“Members of the Aurora Police Department have been working tirelessly to rebuild trust in our community and I want to thank those officers who do it right everyday. The actions of Mr. Rosen were in direct contradiction of those efforts," said Chief Vanessa Wilson. “The poor decisions he made that day do not meet the high standards that the community and I expect from my officers.”

Mr. Rosen was hired in 2017 and was last assigned to District 3 Patrol. In 2020 Officer Rosen received a 10 hour suspension for Lawful Orders.

Internal Affairs Investigation Summary of Evidence
Order of Discipline

In the interest of transparency we are releasing the body worn camera footage which shows the vantage point of the original officer on scene.  

WARNING:  This body worn camera footage may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lieutenant Chris Amsler
Commanding Officer
Media Relations Unit
Posted by [email protected]  On Feb 11, 2021 at 4:18 PM
On December 17, 2020, Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson terminated the employment of Officer Jordan Odneal.

On June 4th and June 7th Officer Odneal entered a request for overtime pay into the department’s automated scheduling system for time that he spent completing an on-line training course. In the entry he indicated that his overtime pay had been approved by his supervisor. This was not the case, prior to entering his entry into the system he was told by his supervisor that he was not authorized overtime pay to complete the training.

After the completion of the Internal Affairs Bureau investigation the case was reviewed by a discipline review board and the Independent Review Board (IRB). He was sustained for violating three department directives and both boards recommended termination. After reviewing all the facts and recommendations regarding this case Chief Wilson made the decision to terminate his employment.

“On day one of our academy we instill in our officers the core values of duty, honor and integrity. Through our New Way plan, we have added the important pillar of accountability. Officer Odneal’s actions have diminished those values. Our officers deserve to work alongside someone who upholds these important principles." said Chief Wilson. “I pledge that I will hold those who commit such egregious acts accountable for their actions. I want to reassure our community that the Aurora Police Department has over 750 men and women who are devoted to serving our community every single day.”

Officer Odneal joined the Aurora Police Department in 2011 and was last assignment was Patrol Officer.

IA Investigation Summary 

Lieutenant Chris Amsler 
Commanding Officer
Media Relations Unit

Posted by [email protected]  On Dec 21, 2020 at 4:18 PM
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