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The Aurora Police News Blog was created in 2016 as a new way to share news and information from the Aurora Police Department with the community we serve. It is maintained by the staff of the Public Information Officer. 

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WHAT:  Protest Event
WHEN:  Saturday July 25, 2020
WHERE:  15001 East Alameda Parkway
AURORA, Colorado -
 Having a peaceful demonstration is most meaningful when everyone chooses to be respectful, law-abiding, and civil.  It’s equally important to realize everyone has a right to lawfully assemble, and Colorado law prohibits disrupting a lawful assembly.  The goal with this advisory is to provide helpful information for those planning on attending the protest at the Aurora Police Department (APD) Headquarters Saturday July 25, 2020.

Free Speech is Important: The APD values citizens’ free speech rights.  Freedom of Speech includes a variety of expressive words, printed words, and expressive conduct. However, there are limits. For example, “Fighting Words,” or words that are inherently likely to provoke a violent reaction or a breach of the peace through retaliation, are not protected by the First Amendment.  Additionally, criminal conduct, such as theft and destruction of another’s property or physical assault of another person, and trespassing is not protected by the First Amendment.  We ask for the public’s help in ensuring that the event remains a place for free speech and lawful activity.

To Get Information Day-Of:  APD will be using Twitter for messaging to the public and media. To receive those messages please follow us on Twitter at the @AuroraPD profile.

If You See Something, Say Something: We ask members of the public, to constantly be aware of their surroundings, and immediately report any safety concerns. You can do so by calling dispatch at 303-627-3100. At any time during the event, if there is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, the non-emergency number is 303-627-3100 for police and fire assistance.  Some police reports can be filed online at any time by clicking HERE

Facilities:  All buildings on the Aurora Municipal Center Campus will be closed to the public on July 25th, 2020. Attendees should plan accordingly for simple first aid needs, weather, hydration, and food.

Excessive Noise:  Please be advised the use of using bullhorns, noisemakers, and like devices cause actual physical pain, or bodily injury, to attendees, which is unlawful.

Safety and Officer Conduct:  Our officers are there to ensure the safety of those attending the event. If an officer contacts you, please remain cordial and comply with any orders the officer may have given you.  If you have concerns, questions or compliments you can relay that information to To ensure everyone’s safety the following additional regulations will be in effect:

Sticks poles, pipes, bats or similar objects will not be permitted. 

  • Sticks being used as supports for signs, posters, banners or flags may only be permitted under all of the following conditions:
    • They are attached and remain attached to a sign, poster, banner or flag at all times.
    • They are made of wood. No metal, PVC, glass, or other material allowed for sign supports.
    • They are 40" or less in length.
    • They are blunt on each end. No sharp supports are allowed.

Violation of these rules will be grounds to deny access or removal from the protest area, and refusal to leave will be a violation of Aurora Municipal Code (AMC) 94-71, Trespass

Drones: The publics use of Drones are not permitted at this event. 

Accident Alert and Priority Dispatch: During this event APD will be on accident alert and priority dispatch protocol from noon until the event is over due to limited police resources. If you are involved in an accident during this time that involve any of the following:

·         Injuries

·         Hit-and-Run

·         DUI involving alcohol and/or drugs

·         One or more vehicles are not drivable

·         One driver does not have proof of insurance

Please call 303-627-3100 for an officer to respond. All other traffic accidents should be filed online by clicking HERE or you can respond to the APD headquarters lobby located at 15001 East Alameda Parkway with all involved drivers the following day to complete the accident report. 

Priority dispatch means APD will only respond to in-progress calls where life is in danger, and all other calls for service will potentially have significantly extended wait times for a response.  We understand this is frustrating, but we appreciate your patience.

Dispersal Orders: As a last resort, APD may have to give dispersal orders to the crowd and will do so in both English and Spanish. This will only occur when there is a clear and present danger of immediate threat to safety. 

Please follow all orders immediately and peacefully while evacuating the area. If a dispersal order is given, all attendees will be given directions on a safe route to leave the area. 

Media:  The media can use the below phone number and email address for incident response inquiries, and interview requests:
[email protected]

Our number one priority is ensuring the safety of those attending the event and our officers. The Aurora Police Department respects and upholds the constitutional rights of our community including the right to express and exercise free speech.  We will continue to balance these rights with the protection of property, safety and life.  We appreciate the community’s partnership in this regard and encourage everyone to remain peaceful and civil.

Agent Faith Goodrich
Public Information Officer
Aurora Police Department

Posted by [email protected]  On Jul 24, 2020 at 3:33 PM
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