Message from Chief Metz Regarding APD's Immigration Policy 
This last week there has been a great deal of attention in the news about immigration. As a result questions continue to be raised about the Aurora Police Department’s policy regarding federal immigration laws. Specifically, people are asking if we intend to change them.

The simple answer continues to be: No

Aurora Police Officers DO NOT have the authority to detain a person based on their immigration status. They also DO NOT have the authority to investigate or enforce federal immigration laws. They do not and will not ask a person about their immigration status. It is not our practice to report to other agencies who we speak with or what their immigration status is for being in this country or in our city.

Regardless of a person’s immigration status, anyone who violates a city ordinance or state law will still be subject to arrest and prosecution.

We base our policy on public safety. It is our goal to ensure that all individuals within Aurora feel safe when it comes to reporting emergencies and criminal activity. Our desire has always been that our residents should not be fearful of the women and men who protect and serve our diverse community.

I have asked my Executive Leadership Team to remind our members about this policy and to reach out to our immigrant communities to answer questions regarding our policy and to address concerns.

Our responsibility is to provide services to ALL of our residents, enforce local laws and build strong community partnerships. 

Nick Metz
Chief of Police
Twitter: @APDChiefMetz

Posted by [email protected] On 21 June, 2019 at 1:46 PM  

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