Family Book Club ("Midnight for Charlie Bone" Part 2) 
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Family Book Club
by Tess

The votes are in and the winner for April is "A Snicker of Magic" by Natalie Lloyd! You can check out a copy here on HooplaDigital with your library card! 

In this club we read middle grade fiction appropriate for ages 6 - 12, but anyone is welcome if you enjoy children's literature! I will be posting discussion questions weekly based on the book we are reading and I will also provide activities that relate. Please comment on the discussion questions so we can stay connected through reading! 

March's book: "Midnight for Charlie Bone" by Jenny Nimmo

Midnight for Charlie Bone

Questions for "Midnight for Charlie Bone" by Jenny Nimmo 
Leave your answers in the comments below!

How did you feel about Runner Bean's accident? Who did you think did it? Were you worried about him?

How did Emma (Emilia) wake up? Remember your guess about how they were going to do it -- were you right?

Why do the Bloors want Emma (Emilia) to stay asleep?

How did you feel about the Ruin Game? Were you worried for Charlie?

How did Uncle Paton help make things work out for Emma (Emilia)? 

What did you think of the book? Please share your thoughts and bring up anything else you'd like to talk about!

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