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Multi-use trails can be enjoyed by everyone - walkers, runners, bicyclists, and people walking their dogs on a leash. In Aurora, the Sand Creek Greenway Trail and High Line Canal Trail are also open to equestrians.

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Trail Construction & Closure Info:
  • Toll Gate Creek Trail Closure: The northern portion of Toll Gate Creek Trail adjacent to Fitzsimons Parkway from Montview Boulevard north through Sand Creek Park, 2700 N. Peoria St., will be closed to accommodate construction of the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail Project. Kiewit Infrastructure Inc. has advised the closure is anticipated through mid to late 2015. Pedestrian and cyclists should use the sidewalks along Colfax Avenue and Peoria Street as a detour. Please use caution and observe all trail closures through Sand Creek Park. For more information visit RTD-FasTracks I-225 Rail Line.
  • West Toll Gate Creek Trail Closures: The southern portion of West Toll Gate Creek Trail will have intermittent closures through April 2015 from Hampden Avenue north to Iliff Avenue. Trail closures are necessary to allow restoration of vegetation along the trail resulting from the now completed Aurora Water sewer line rehabilitation project.
  • High Line Canal Trail at 2nd and Abilene St: Aurora Line/I-225 Rail Line project construction will periodically restrict trail use near the Credit Union. Please use caution as construction activity continues in this area through 2015.
  • Construction: Sand Creek Park, 2700 N. Peoria St., will see construction activity over the next year as part of RTD FasTracks construction of the Aurora Line/I-225 Rail Line (see above Toll Gate Creek Trail closure). The parking lot will remain open; however park trails from the lot may be detoured and park visitors will experience construction related noise and activity. There will be detours at Fitzsimons as the new track is installed on the east and north side of Fitzsimons Parkway and the south side of Sand Creek Park. The track will also go over Peoria and across Sand Creek on the west side of Peoria. Trail users traveling the Sand Creek Regional Greenway Trail through Denver may encounter trail related detours per Denver Parks and Recreation.
  • Construction: Quincy Reservoir, 18350 E. Quincy Ave., will have construction related impacts during Aurora Water's Wemlinger Water Purification Facility Improvement Project, which includes excavation and reconstruction of the drying beds located at the reservoir's eastern edge, just south of Quincy Avenue. Portions of the trail will be removed and replaced, but trail detours will be provided during construction. This project will not impact fishing at Quincy Reservoir; however, visitors may encounter construction equipment and noise. All trail users should stay alert around construction barriers and heavy equipment when work is occurring. (Note: Quincy Reservoir re-open for the season on March 1.) For questions about this project please call 720-859-4312.
  • Construction: Colorado Department of Transportation continues work on the Arapahoe Road Bridge project which will include construction of the Cherry Creek Trail underpass and links to the north and south. Completion expected summer 2015.
For questions about any of these projects, please call 303-739-7166.

Multi-use Trail Etiquette

Travel at a safe speed: 
Self-monitor and control your speed.  Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users and where there is limited vision. Faster users always yield to slower users.

Yield the right-of-way:  Bicyclists and other wheeled users yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.  All users yield the right-of-way to horses.  When entering or crossing a trail at an uncontrolled point, yield to traffic on the intersecting trail.

Keep right and pass on left:  Users, including pets, should stay as near to the right side as is safe, except when passing another user.  Look ahead and behind to make sure the area is clear before passing.  Give a clear and polite signal produced by voice, bell, or horn before passing.

Share the trail:  If in a group, including your pets, use no more than half the trail.  If you stop, move off the trail to allow others to pass freely.  Do not block the trail.

Be considerate:  Be respectful of other trail users regardless of their speed, level of skill, or mode.  Travel in a consistent and predictable manner.

Keep trails clean:  Do not leave litter on or near a trail.  Practice “carry in - carry out.” 

Pet courtesy:  Keep pets on a leash and under control.  Clean up your pet’s waste.

Respect wildlife and habitat:  Stay on authorized trails and do not create any new ones.  Do not disturb or harass wildlife.  Do not damage or remove plant material.


Questions about the off-street trail system? Call the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Department at 303-739-7160.

Questions about the on-street trail system (bike lanes and bike routes)? Call the Planning & Development Service Department at 303-739-7249.
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