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The City of Aurora Forestry Division cares for Aurora's urban forest, which includes city street trees and public trees in parks, medians and open spaces. Call us today at 303-739-7177.
EAB insect alert

Emerald Ash Borer
The emerald ash borer (EAB) insect is an invasive tree pest that was found in Boulder, CO in September, 2013. It has not been found anywhere in Aurora at this time, but it is expected to spread. Over the next decade, EAB has the potential to destroy more of Aurora's urban forest than any other disease or pest in history. 
Freeze Damage
Freeze Damage on Trees

In early November 2014, we experienced a sudden and drastic freeze. Many trees along the Front Range are showing signs of freeze damage as a result. Instead of removing damaged trees at this time, we recommend waiting until later this spring to see if any viable buds come out of dormancy. Click for more information from the Colorado State Forest Service, or watch a video from Colorado State University.

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Additional Resources

See the updated Grid Pruning Map to track the Forestry crew's progress on scheduled maintenance for all City Street Trees.

Tree Inspections

The Forestry Division employs trained, professional arborists who are able to identify and diagnose problems with trees. If you notice a problem on a City street tree, or have questions about trees in your private landscape, please call the Forestry Division at 303-739-7177. If necessary, an inspector will visit the site to assess the problem and make recommendations for correction or treatment.

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Phone: (303) 739-7177     Email: Trees@auroragov.org
City of Aurora Colorado -- 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy -- Aurora, CO 80012            Access Aurora: 303-739-7000