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Discover Aurora's true nature. You can experience it today or any day of the year with a visit to an Aurora park, natural area or trail. We invite you to visit our award-winning nature centers, attend an engaging program or presentation, or learn about our meaningful Volunteer Steward program.  We offer Community Programs for schools and Scout groups. You can also request a Naturalist come talk to your local club, homeowners or civic group about Aurora's natural resources or wildlife education by calling 303-326-8445.

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Love Me Don't Feed Me
Feeding Wildlife Hurts the Animals You Love!
Intentional and unintentional wildlife feeding harms animals in ways you may not perceive. Food does not equal love for a wild animal! Feeding wildlife can degrade habitat, water quality and quality of life for not only the animals being fed but also for citizens negatively affected by nuisance behavior caused by fed wildlife. Do your part to end the problem!
We know you love wildlife, but feeding wildlife only hurts the animals you love.
Click on the video shorts below to learn more.
Fattening Up for Winter
     Raccoon dont feed
     No One Likes a Skunk at the Party

Geese dont feed
     Leave the geese alone and no 
     one gets hurt

Foxes dont feed
Feeding wildlife changes the way they see you

     Ducks dont feed
   We can't always see the damage we're doing

Questions about Wildlife?
Learn practical tips for peacefully co-existing with local wildlife on our Living with Wildlife webpage. To report wildlife interactions, call the Ranger hotline at 303-326-8435.
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Learn how to coexist with one of Aurora's wild neighbors- Watch our How to Haze a Coyote Video

Hazing video

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