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Clean Water Programs
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Household Chemical Roundup

Are you moving, recently renovated your house, or have car projects? Do you have products such as pesticides, paint, automotive products, household cleaners or other items that can be considered household hazardous waste? Not sure what to do with them? Attend the Household Chemical Roundup and safely and efficiently recycle or dispose of those items that can be harmful to people, pets and the environment -- or just difficult to get rid of.

The next roundup will be
onSeptember 13, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Aurora Central Facilities, 13645 E. Ellsworth Ave. – one block north of Alameda and Potomac. Open only to Aurora residents, participants must show proof of residency with a driver’s license, utility bill or other identification with an Aurora address. The event is free, although donations are appreciated, and there is a $3 fee to dispose of each tire. Business waste, medical/biological waste, ammunition, propane tanks, and explosives are not allowed.

Tip - come later in the day. It's less crowded.

What do we take? Download the list of accepted household waste.
For more information, contact Environmental Specialist Mary Dawson at 303-739-7372 or

We need some help keeping the planet clean, so we're looking for volunteers. Interested?

At Your Door Special Collection
What can Aurora citizens do with chemicals like paint, pesticides, old motor oil and antifreeze, among many other products harmful to our water systems? This year, Aurora Water’s Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste program provides an easy solution for 250 residents.

For only $15 through the At Your Door program, residents can dispose properly of these chemicals rather than throwing them in the trash where they may leach into our water systems. Once a resident has called the hot line to schedule a pick up, they will be given a plastic bag, about the size of a large trash bag, with instructions on how to seal materials, along with a list of materials accepted. The chemicals will then either be recycled or disposed of properly.

At Your Door is NOT an ongoing project and is being held this year with funds left over from last year’s Household Chemical Roundup (HCR).

To enroll in At Your Door, please call 800-HHW-PKUP (800-449-7587). If a person lives outside of Aurora, he or she may want to call the above number to see if a similar program is being done in their city. 
High Line Canal Cleanup
The High Line Canal Cleanup is a volunteer event to clear trash from the 11-mile stretch of canal that runs through Aurora. The goal for the day is to reduce the amount of trash from the canal that enters Sand and Toll Gate creeks in Aurora. It is also an opportunity to learn about the problems with littering and the importance of protecting and caring for our waterways by preventing pollution.

The next High Line Canal Cleanup will be held in mid-March. Check back next year for more information on volunteering for the 2015 event.

For more information, call Mary Dawson at 303-739-7372 or e-mail mdawson@auroragov.org
. To download a volunteer packet, click here.

Water pollution can be caused by the things that we do everyday. What we leave on sidewalks and streets impacts our water quality. When it rains or when snow melts, storm water mixes with trash, antifreeze, motor oil and other undesirable items. As water flows off the sidewalk or street it drains to large, underground pipes designed to prevent flooding on streets and sidewalks. These storm drain pipes discharge storm water to the nearest stream or river.

Water pollution also happens when rainwater or snow melt flows across yards. Pet waste and fertilizers mix with the water and eventually flow down a storm drain. The average home can accumulate as much as 100 pounds of chemical wastes each year from common household lawn or garden products.

There are many things you can do to prevent water pollution. The links below will provide you with more information. Recycling is also a good prevention for water pollution. For more information on recycling, visit

Publications on Household Chemical Use

Natural Alternatives – Household Chemicals
As residents of Aurora, we bear responsibility to dispose of household waste properly in order to protect and preserve our quality of life. In Aurora Water's Natural Alternatives guide, you will find instructions on how to safely dispose of many household hazardous wastes. You will learn how to reduce your use of hazardous products by making use of alternatives. Follow these steps and you will be making your home and your neighborhood a cleaner place to live.
Tips to Prevent Water Pollution
What you can do around your home to help prevent water pollution.
Report Dumping of Hazardous Materials
To report a hazardous material spill or illegal dumping, or for information about proper handling of hazardous materials, please call 303-739-6772.
Clean water starts in YOUR backyard
How you can reduce pollution from your own yard.
Storm Drain Stenciling Program
Everyone needs to be aware that storm drains lead to our creeks and streams.
Proper Disposal of Pharmaceuticals
Keep our waterways prescription-free. Several methods to clean out your medicine cabinet safely.

Aurora Water offers the “Clean Choice for Clean Water” series of publications to help you learn more about protecting our water from pollution.

Caring for Your Lawn and GardenManaging Your Household Wastes
Managing Your Construction Wastes 
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