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Watering Restrictions
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Effective May 1 to Sept. 30, Aurora's permanent water conservation efforts will be in effect.
Lawn watering will be limited to three days per week, though you get to pick your days. And please, no watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. For guidance on how much your lawn will need to remain healthy, visit our Water Times page on a weekly basis.

How much water does Kentucky bluegrass need? Here's an easy table to help in setting your clock this summer. Too simple? Try our Advanced Watering Times site.

Minutes per Watering Day
   Pop-up heads Rotary nozzles Rotor head 
 Days/WkPop-ups*Rotary Nozzles*RotorManual
*For pop-up and rotary nozzle sprinkler heads, water each zone three times a day for the recommended time listed.

When it rains, check your rain gauge and subtract that amount from what you would apply to your lawn. For more information, call Tim York at 303-326-8819 or email conservation@auroragov.org.

Does water run off your lawn onto the sidewalk or street when you water? Try using the “cycle and soak” method. For example, if in August you need to water for 18 minutes, water each zone for six minutes three times a day, allowing the water to soak in for at least 45 minutes between each cycle.

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