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Traffic Safety

traffic light
Traffic Engineering
Our citizens often have inquiries regarding traffic control devices such as signs, traffic signals, roundabouts, crosswalks, and pavement markings. If you have a question or a concern regarding traffic control devices in the city of Aurora, contact Traffic Engineering at 303-739-7300. For questions or information about bicycle traffic safety, email bikeplanning@auroragov.org.

The city of Aurora has a Memorial Sign program for fatal roadway incidents. Call 303-739-7300 for more information regarding this program.

If you need to report a missing, downed, or damaged sign or a dark or flashing traffic signal, call Traffic Operations at 303-326-8200. After regular work hours, call the police non-emergency phone line at 303-627-3100 to have a technician dispatched to address emergency items.

Flashing Yellow Arrow Information

Pavement Striping
Signal Maintenance
Traffic Operations
The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all traffic control devices within the city of Aurora. Examples of the services provided by this group are traffic signal modifications, preventive maintenance, emergency response, customer service requests, traffic utility locates and system communications.

The Signs and Markings section of the Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic control signs and pavement markings throughout the city. Traffic control signs are erected along roadways to provide guidance or convey warning and regulatory information to motorists and pedestrians. Examples of these signs are street name signs, speed limit signs, Stop and Yield signs, and warning signs. Pavement markings consist of yellow and white markings placed on paved road surfaces for the purpose of channelizing the flow of vehicular traffic and provide safe areas for pedestrians to cross roadways. Examples of these markings are solid or dashed yellow and white lines, turn arrows and crosswalks.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to
report a problem regarding Traffic Operations with the city of Aurora, call the Public Works Department at 303-326-8200 or file a report online or through the city's Access Aurora app.

Traffic Calming Campaign
The traffic calming campaign is designed as a support tool to encourage communication among neighbors about traffic safety and awareness. It is a bottoms-up, grassroots effort to ask drivers to voluntarily slow down. The program is intended for residents as an outreach tool to invite their neighbors to participate in lowering the speed of traffic in the neighborhood. Temporary yard signs can be picked up at the Neighborhood Support Division at the time the Campaign Permit is issued. This is not a campaign that is meant to have the police issue more tickets or have the city install speed bumps. It’s simply about getting people to participate in an effort to lower the speed that they drive through the neighborhood. It begins with the residents. It begins with you, me, our family, neighbors and friends.

Who are the speeders?
Although the speed limit in most neighborhoods is 25 MPH, there are drivers that exceed the limit as they travel. They are often racing to their next activity without even thinking about the speed they are traveling. Often speeders are your next door neighbor or the neighbor down the street. Of course “outsiders” do drive through and may speed, but the majority of traffic in the neighborhood is generated by the families that live in, or near the area.

How the campaign works:
If you perceive there is a traffic problem in your neighborhood, please fill out the application. Neighborhood Support staff will review your application to determine if Traffic Officers or Police Area Representatives (PAR) are needed. If it is determined that the area of your concern is located on a residential street, a
PAR Officer will be contacted. The PAR Officer may make arrangements to install a mobile speed unit in your neighborhood. This will help people become more aware of their actual driving speed. This will also help the city determine if a speeding problem exists, so that appropriate police action will take place.

The next step in the campaign will require resident involvement. Two campaign managers must be identified to communicate with the neighborhood about traffic safety and collect permission to place a temporary yard sign in front yards. For further details, please review the attached application. You may also call 303-739-7280 if you have questions.

If you are interested in signing up as a campaign manager and leading a traffic calming campaign please fill out the application. A Campaign Permit will be issued on approval of this form.


Motorcycle Enforcement Team (MET)

Police Traffic Section
The Aurora Police Department has a professional and well-respected traffic section. They conduct trainings for officers from around the Denver metro area, and have been called to assist other agencies with accident reconstruction. The Traffic Section is composed of a DUI Enforcement Unit, a Hit and Run Investigations Unit, a Photo Red Light Detail, a Motor Carrier Safety Unit, and the Motorcycle Enforcement Team (MET).

The city has placed
Photo Red Light cameras at busy intersections where we have seen accidents caused by drivers running red lights. These cameras take several simultaneous photographs of a car and the driver during a red light violation. The Photo Red Light Detail then analyzes these photos to issue a summons to the driver.

DUI checkpoint
DUI Checkpoints
Officers assigned to the DUI Enforcement Unit and the Hit and Run Investigations Unit respond to accidents within the city to conduct accident investigations. Their expertise allows the accident scene to be reconstructed later in court during the prosecution of serious accidents.

The Traffic Section plans and implements DUI checkpoints in an effort to reduce the problem of drinking and driving. They also participate in motorcades when a VIP, such as the President of the United States, travels to or through Aurora.

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