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Volunteers In Policing (VIP)
There are those who dream about it and there are those who talk about it. Aurora Police Department volunteers will make it happen!

Since its inception, the Aurora Police Department’s goal has been to develop a strong partnership and a bonding relationship within the community. This objective has been accomplished primarily by our citizen volunteers, who contribute an average of 32,000 hours each year, offering their energy and expertise every day to benefit our community.

Volunteers who join the APD are active in all divisions of the department and perform a variety of tasks: greeting citizens in the lobby of the Police Headquarters, providing research for special projects, entering data from police reports, maintaining filing systems, assisting with the apprehension of wanted individuals, assisting with photo developing in the crime lab, helping with record keeping and car auctions at the impound lots. Training requirements vary by position, many of which require volunteers to successfully complete the Citizens’ Police Academy Program or other specialty training.

What can I do as a volunteer?

Police Chaplains: Full-time or retired, ordained clergy are specially trained to respond on scene to provide crisis intervention, assist police officers in making death notifications and serve the personal needs of police officers and their families.

Police Explorers: Young men and women, 15-19 years of age, further their knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system through training to provide insight into all phases of police work as a possible future profession and career, and to foster a better understanding between the police department and the youth of our City.

Español Service Program
: Qualified, trained bi-lingual volunteers are available on a rotating basis weekends and evenings to respond on scene to interpret for police officers.

Victim Services Unit: Our volunteers are first-line responders, offering immediate emotional support and assistance to crime victims, their friends and families.

Crime Stoppers: Trained volunteers staff the Crime Stoppers phone, taking information and leads and forwarding the information to detectives.

Citizen Advisory Board: Each patrol division has a group of citizens who meet monthly to give input into police programs.

Clerical Support: Volunteers research special projects, enter data from police reports, maintain filing systems, track and facilitate the recovery of stolen property, assist with the apprehension of wanted individuals, assist with photo developing in the crime lab, and help with record keeping and car auctions at the impound lot. These are just a few positions where clerical support is needed.

Computers/phones/reception: Volunteers are trained to answer calls coming into our front desk and greet citizens in the lobbies of any of the three police district stations. 

Fingerprinting: Volunteers are trained to do all the citizen employment fingerprinting for the city.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

You have the experience and skills to make a valuable contribution to your community and your police department. Volunteer work provides a chance to help others, provides challenges which increase your means for growth and your scope of learning.

You can make a difference in the quality of service that is delivered, learn more about the criminal justice system and learn new skills while you stay active, involved and meet new people.

How do I become a volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering for the Aurora Police Department, we invite you to learn more about the application process and qualifications. Volunteers must be legal residents of the United States, 18 years of age and pass a background check. Volunteers must adhere to the dress code and adhere to the Policies and Procedures pertaining to department employees. If you have the time and desire to become an integral part of the Aurora Police Department complete an application and a background consent form and send it to our Volunteer Coordinator, Alice Jackson, at AJackson@Auroragov.org. (For questions, please call Alice at 303-739-6346.)
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