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Initatives to Enhance Community Relations Cover
In an Emergency, dial 9-1-1
For non-emergency police dispatch, dial 303-627-3100

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Organizational Mission Statement

To make Aurora safer every day.

Individual Value Statement

Our commitment to community service is driven by the expectation that we maintain the highest core values.

COMING IN JUNE: 2016 Teen Citizen Police Academy

District 1 photo
District 1
13347 E Montview Blvd
Aurora, CO 80045

District Commander: Commander Ernie Ortiz
Deputy Commander: Captain Christian Lertch
District 1 map
District 1 Area Map

District 1 is sub-divided into 11 beats, numbered 1 through 11. These areas are patrolled by District 1 officers. The District houses two detective units which investigate felony crimes against persons and property.

A team of Police Area Representative (PAR) officers is also housed at District 1. One PAR officer is assigned to each beat and works closely with businesses, schools, and residents.The district also has a Foot Patrol Team assigned to East Colfax Avenue.

A number of special units are located at District 1 to include the K-9 Unit, Strategic Response Team (S.R.T.),and the Gang Intervention Unit.

District 2 photo
District 2 and Police Headquarters
15001 E Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012


District Commander: Commander Mike Dailey
Deputy Commander: Captain Jerry Hinkle


Police services such as records, front desk crime reporting (crimes without suspect information for example), and police property are available at the District 2/Headquarters station. The lobby is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  However, the front desk is not staffed from 1:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. each night.  An afterhours phone has been installed that dials directly to dispatch that can be utilized during the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.   Records and police property are not open 24 hours a day. To find out more information about
police property and police records click the links.


Parking for District 2 is on the south side of the building east of the central Aurora library. The doors to District 2 are located between the Municipal Court building (pictured above with a green dome) and the Aurora History Museum.
District 2 map
District 2 Area Map

Additional Information

District 2 is further divided by 8 beats, numbered 12 through 19. These areas are patrolled by District 2 officers.

A team of Police Area Representative (PAR) are also located at District 2. One PAR officer is assigned to each beat to work closely with businesses, schools, and residents to maintain the quality of life.

The District 2 Detective Unit investigates felony crimes against persons and property that take place within the district. Police Headquarters houses the Major Investigations Section, which investigates crimes occurring throughout the city. Major Investigations includes the Economic Crimes Unit, Crimes Against Children Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, Special Victims Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, and the Major Crimes/Homicide Unit.

Other important services that are located at Police Headquarters are the Victim Services Unit, the Crime Lab, the Traffic Section, Community Resources Section, and the Media Relations Unit.

District 3 photo
District 3
23911 E Arapahoe Road
Aurora, CO 80016

District Commander: Commander Eric Stewart
Deputy Commander: Captain TerryBrown

District 3 map
District 3 Area Map
District 3 has 8 sub-areas (geographical divisions within the district), these areas are numbered 20-27. These areas are patrolled by officers assigned to work out of District 3. It is also serviced by a detective unit that investigates felony crimes against persons and property in the district.

A team of Police Area Representative (PAR) officers are also housed at District 3. One PAR officer is assigned to each area and works closely with area stakeholders such as businesses, schools, and residents to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

Department Directory:
  • Main Police Line (not dispatch) 303-739-6000
  • Communications (dispatch), 303-627-3100
  • Aurora for Youth Programs, 303-739-1700
  • Internal Affairs, 303-739-6072
  • Media Relations, 720-432-5095 
  • Investigations Bureau, 303-739-6081
  • Economic Crimes Unit (Fraud), 303-739-6154
  • Major Crimes Unit, 303-739-6160
  • Crimes Against Children, 303-739-6155
  • Sex Crimes Unit, 303-739-6156
  • Traffic Section, 303-739-6423
  • Police Explorer Program 303-739-1820
  • Police Records Unit, 303-739-6308
  • Police Property Unit, 303-739-6284
  • Recruiting Unit, 303-739-6865 or 1-800-637-9963
  • Vehicle Impound Unit, 303-326-8680
  • Vice and Narcotics Tips, 303-739-1964
  • Victim Services, 303-739-6398
  • Detention Center, 303-739-6194
City of Aurora Colorado -- 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy -- Aurora, CO 80012            Access Aurora: 303-739-7000