Welcome to Aurora, Colorado

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Aurora Fire Rescue
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012
303-326-8999 - fax: 303-326-8986


 “Exceptional Service to the Community Provided by Well-Trained Professionals”  

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sta 4sta 5sta 6
Station 1
Captain George Danforth 
9801 E. 16th Ave. 80010
On 16th E of Dayton
Station 2
Captain Steve Wright
12600 Hoffman Blvd. 80011
On Hoffman E of Del Mar

Station 3
Captain Clint Mitchell
3172 Peoria St. 80010
On Peoria S of 33rd

sta 4sta 5sta 6

Station 4
Captain Rob Ott
1110 S. Quentin St. 80012
Off Mississippi E of Peoria
Station 5
Captain Steve Mills 
1339 Airport Blvd. 80011
On Airport Blvd S of Colfax

Station 6
Captain Mark Hays
15588 E. Hampden Circle 80013
Off Hampden E of Chambers

sta 7sta 8sta 9
Station 7
Captain Greg Terry
2290 S. Blackhawk St. 80014
On Blackhawk N of Iliff
Station 8
Captain Bill Kraus
250 S. Chambers Road 80017
On Chambers N of Alameda
Station 9
Captain Mike Ackman
17200 E. Mexico Ave. 80017
 On Mexico E of Pagosa
sta 10sta 11sta 12
Station 10
Captain Kris Andersen 
3951 S. Reservoir Road 80013
On Reservoir Rd S of Hampden
Station 11
Captain Nathan Geiger
2291 S. Joliet St. 80014
Off Iliff E of Havana 
Station 12
Captain Jason Pendleton
19491 E. 34th Drive  80011
On E 34th SE of Tower & 38th

sta 13sta 14sta 15

Station 13
Captain John Hill 
23911 E. Arapahoe Road 80016
On Arapahoe E of E-470
Station 14
Captain Kyle Rademacher
22298 E. Aurora Parkway 80016
On Aurora Pkwy W of Gartrell 
Station 15
Captain Harold Foos
1680 S. Catawba Circle 80018
On Catawba NW of Old Tom Morris Rd
City of Aurora Colorado -- 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy -- Aurora, CO 80012            Access Aurora: 303-739-7000