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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
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Emergency medical service continues to provide Aurora Fire Rescue the greatest opportunity to serve our community. Aurora Fire Rescue provided emergency medical treatment to over 30,000 patients in 2014.
System Wide Emergency Medical Training
The EMS Bureau continues to participate in weekly Emergency Medical Training sessions that bring all of the individual agencies within the Aurora emergency medical response system together for EMS case review. This training includes: Children's Hospital, University Hospital and The Medical Center of Aurora, Aurora Fire Rescue and Falck ambulance company. The ultimate goal of this program is better medical care from the onset of an injury or illness until the patient is released from the hospital.

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Shots for Tots and Teens Program
The Shots-for-Tots and Teens program provides low-/no-cost vaccinations to children. In partnership with the Aurora Rotary Club, Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition and Tri-County Health Department, Shots-for-Tots and Teens is a monthly immunization clinic held at AFD's Station 2 in the Hoffman Heights neighborhood. Tri-County Health Department's nursing and support staff screens the kids and provides necessary vaccines. Aurora Rotarians volunteer their time to help organize and advertise the event, while Aurora fire medics administer the vaccines. Aurora Fire Rescue is proud to have vaccinated over 10,000 patients through this program.

For additional information, including the schedule please click on the following link  www.childrensimmunization.org

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Pediatric Stroke Alert Program
According to the National Stroke Association, it takes from 48 to 72 hours on average for a pediatric patient to get to the hospital after recognizing the first symptoms of a stroke. Recognizing the catastrophic outcomes of such late recognition and subsequent interventions, Aurora Fire Rescue, in cooperation with our healthcare partners, expanded the Stroke Alert Program to include pediatric patients and introduced one of the first, if not the only, pre-hospital Pediatric Stroke Alert Program in the country. This system builds on the success of our adult Stroke Alert Program and allows pediatric stroke alert patients to be transported directly to Children's Hospital Colorado where pediatric neurologists meet the patient in the emergency department.
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