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Aurora Emergency Citizen Notification registration page

By registering your preferred means of communications, the city will be able to contact you when an emergency occurs in your area. For example, an emergency contact could be made for a natural disaster, a man-made disaster, a missing child or a public safety emergency in your area. The notification does not include weather alerts.

You can register the way in which you prefer to be contacted: mobile phone, text message, email or all. To register you must provide an address in the city. You may also choose to opt-out when you no longer desire to be contacted by the emergency citizen notification system of the city of Aurora.

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The city of Aurora emergency notification system does not cover weather alerts. The city’s Office of Emergency Management recommends owning a NOAA Weather Alert Radio or tuning into local television and radio stations to stay alert of severe weather conditions. There are also a number of sites that provide weather notifications. See list below. 

List of links for weather-related sites:

A small yearly fee for severe weather voice alerts from “NOTIFY! by The Weather Channel” sent to you cell phone. Free email alerts. The Weather Channel does not charge for text alerts but data rates may apply from your mobile phone company.
Get weather alerts emailed for free. Free mobile app for IPhone and IPad , Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows. Also available through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Free severe weather alerts sent to your email, pager or cell phone.
Weather notifications with wireless app for IPhone/IPad and Android or tablet
Sign up for free email alerts for weather and news
Go to their web page for the latest weather information and severe weather alerts from The Weather Channel.
Free email alerts for different types of weather. Check the particular weather alerts you want.  
For weather updates text ‘4weather’ to 84816. You will get a confirmation message telling you that you have been signed up. The subscription is a recurring service and will not exceed 50 messages per week.
National Weather Service (NOAA) (Link for the Denver/Boulder area online)
National mobile weather warnings, “Wireless Emergency Alerts” is available for all WEA-enables phones. Most new versions of mobile phones are automatically enrolled. Upgrades for older phones are available through your mobile provider. 


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