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Pet Licenses, Renewals, Permits & Fees
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Cat and Dog Licenses

That little metal tag on your pet's collar is its best opportunity to be quickly reunited with its family... consider it your pet's ticket back home.  Animal Care Officers can return your cat or dog to you instead of bringing it to the shelter; and people who find your pet while its roaming as a stray could be more willing to handle it since they know it has a current rabies vaccination.

Aurora law requires that all dogs and cats over the age of six months be licensed with the Animal Care Division. Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required before an animal license can be issued. Licenses and rabies vaccinations must be updated prior to their expiration date. If your licensed pet is deceased, email animalcare@auroragov.org to update your dog or cat's city record.

Per city ordinance, both the city animal license and rabies tag must be attached to the animal at all times. Failure to comply may result in a summons and fine for the owner.

If the animal has not been spayed or neutered, an Intact Animal License must be purchased each year the animal is physically able to produce a litter of puppies or kittens in accordance with city ordinances.

If a licensed veterinarian inoculated your dog or cat with a 3-year rabies vaccine, a 3-year license may be purchased. You can quickly and easily
purchase or renew a license online.  The license is not valid until the Aurora Animal Care Division receives a copy of the rabies certificate issued by your veterinarian when your pet was inoculated.  If your pet's metal tag is lost or damaged, you may purchase a replacement tag only.  Purchasing a replacement tag does NOT renew a license.

Rabies certificates may be:
  • Scanned:  Upload an electronic copy when you renew and pay for your license online
  • Emailed with your PERSON ID and a scanned attachment of the rabies certificate to AnimalCareLicenses@auroragov.org
  • Faxed to 303-326-8294.  Please write your PERSON ID and/or LICENSE TAG NUMBER on the vaccination certificate
  • Mailed to the Aurora Animal Shelter at 15750 E. 32nd Avenue, Aurora, CO  80011-1518  Attn:  Licensing
  • If renewing in person, bring a copy with you to the Aurora Animal Shelter at the address listed above

Now available
While you are getting your pet vaccinated, you can also purchase your pet licenses at these participating veterinary clinics in Aurora:

Dr. Deanna Miller
Rising Sun
Animal Care

100 Spruce St. #100, Denver
Dr. Ali Shekarchian
Happy Tails
Pet Hospital

24300 E. Smoky Hill
Road, #134
Dr. Philip Haas
Pet Palace Veterinary Clinic
4098 S. Parker Road
Dr. Sherri Sprague
Heritage Animal Hospital
22651 E. Aurora Parkway
Dr. Monique Weldon
Loving Family Animal Hospital
14605 E. Arapahoe Road
Dr. Bruce Louderback
Mission Viejo
Vet Hospital

15470 E. Hampden Ave.
Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer
Parkside Animal
Health Center

5001 S Parker Road, #101
Dr. Barbara Dolgan
Pet Doc
5616 S. Gibraltar Way

Dr. Manal Soliman
Mississippi Animal Hospital
10695 E Mississippi Ave.
Tenaker Pet
Care Center
895 N. Laredo St.
Dr. Stephanie Brand
Smoky Hill Vet Clinic
15600 Smoky Hill Road
Seven Hills
Veterinary Hospital
18325 E. Girard Ave.
Dr. Jim Wingert
Broadview Animal Clinic
10400 E. Evans Ave.
Dr. Nicole Reilly
Aurora Hills Animal Hospital
12597 E Mississippi Ave. Unit 300


cat and dog wearing licenses
Neutered Animal License
(for Spayed/Neutered Animals)

An annual license is required for all dogs and cats over the age of six months. Before a license application can be processed, proof of a current rabies vaccination is required (please provide a photocopy of the rabies certificate issued by your veterinarian). 

Discounts of 50 percent off are available on 1-year or 3-year Neutered Animal Licenses for:
  • Residents age 65 or older (proof of age required to receive discount)
  • Owners of a dog that was tested and earned Canine Good Citizen Certification (copy of certificate required to receive discount)
Note:  Only one discount is available per person per pet.  

1-year Neutered Cat or Dog License

Discounted 1-year Neutered Cat or Dog License
(Proof of eligibility required)
$ 7.50
3-year Neutered Cat or Dog License

Discounted 3-year Neutered Cat or Dog License
(Proof of eligibility required)

Intact Animal License (for cats and dogs that are NOT Spayed/Neutered)

1-year Intact Cat or Dog License


3-year Intact Cat or Dog License


No license discounts are available for Intact cats or
dogs (those that are not spayed or neutered) 

Replacement metal tag  $2
(the new tag will have a different number on it than the previous tag)   

Owner surrender fee
- for people who need to give up their pet(s) for future adoption:

                                       Resident of Aurora                          $33
                                       Non-Resident                                 $44

Litter Permit and Registration Number

This permit is required within one week of obtaining a litter of puppies or kittens, per city ordinance. A separate permit must be purchased for each new litter (or portion of a litter) on your property.

Permit Fee = $231 per litter

Fanciers Permit

Allows an exemption to the city maximum limit of three adult dogs and/or five adult cats. The permit must be approved BEFORE additional animals are brought onto the property otherwise owners are in violation of city ordinances and may be issued a summons to court and the loss of the additional dogs and/or cats. The maximum number of animals allowed on a Fanciers Permit is six adult dogs (three of which must be spayed or neutered) and 10 adult cats (five of which must be spayed or neutered).

This permit requires an in-home inspection and may be revoked if owners are convicted of a violation of any animal-related ordinances. Once issued, the permit is valid until revoked. It allows an owner to keep a number of animals; not necessarily the same animals listed on the original application. This means if a pet dies or no longer resides with the owner, a new pet may be obtained - as long as the total number of animals is equal to or less than the number of animals approved on the permit.

One-time Permit Fee = $137 

If the permit holder wishes to increase the number and/or size of animals approved on the permit, another fee payment and permit application must be submitted.

Download a Fancier's Permit Application.  It contains a detailed explanation of the application process.

Guard Dog Permit

For keeping trained, professional guard dogs on private property.

Annual permit fee = $63

Trapping Permit
For people who have their own trap)

Required for capturing stray/nuisance cats in an approved, privately owned, humane trap. Traps must be closely monitored to prevent undue stress on a captured animal. All trapped cats must be brought to the Aurora Animal Shelter to provide owners an opportunity to claim their missing feline.

Annual Permit Fee for Privately Owned Traps  $36

Stray Cat Trap
(Borrowing from the Aurora Animal Shelter)

The Aurora Animal Shelter has humane, live capture traps available for people to use for a one-week period. These traps may be used only for capturing nuisance stray cats and must be kept on the borrower's personal property. A refundable deposit (to cover replacement of a lost or damaged trap) is returned when the trap is brought back to the shelter in good working order. There is also a processing and handling fee to cover city costs for managing this cat trapping program.
People borrowing a city-owned trap are shown how to bait and set the trap by staff. They are asked to closely monitor the trap and call Animal Care immediately when an animal is captured. An officer will respond to pick up the trap, impound the animal so its owners can find it at the shelter, and leave another empty trap in its place. Regardless of how many cats are trapped, or how many times and officer responds to pick up a trap and leave another, it is all included in the same one processing and handling fee.

Fees for Use of a City-Owned Stray Cat Trap 
Deposit (refundable)
Returned when the trap is brought back in good working condition
Processing fee$21
Late fee (per day)$10

Download the trapping form that lists the rules and regulations for use of a city-owned cat trap.

Adoption Fees

Not refundable * 50 percent discount for senior citizens 65+
 s/n(spay/neuter - if needed)  Co-payDogs $90     Cats $60    Rabbits $20
     Under 6 months of age
$ 69+$90 s/n = $ 159
     6 months to 6 years of age
$ 48+$90 s/n = $ 138
     6 years and older (geriatric)
$ 36+$90 s/n = $ 126
    Under 6 months of age
$ 42 + $60 s/n = $101
    6 months to 6 years of age
$ 24 + $60 s/n = $ 84
    6 years and older (geriatric)
$ 16 + $60 s/n = $ 76
 *Rabbits, ferrets, small birds, other small animals
$ 13 + $20 s/n = $ 33

A "first hold" may be placed on animal that is not yet available for adoption.
This gives the "holder" first right of adoption if the owner does not come to claim it.

First Hold (non-refundable; deducted from adoption fee) = $ 10
City of Aurora Colorado -- 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy -- Aurora, CO 80012            Access Aurora: 303-739-7000