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Lost & Found Pets
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Have you lost your pet? Please call the Aurora Animal Shelter immediately and provide a complete description of your pet and contact information for yourself. Also, click below to see if your pet has been found and brought to the Aurora Animal Shelter.

If you see your pet on our "Lost & Found Pet" section, record its animal ID# and call 303-326-8280 immediately to notify staff you are this animal’s owner. Stray animals without identification at the Aurora Animal Shelter are kept a maximum of three working days for owners to claim them before becoming city property and eligible for adoption or other disposition.

Pets listed immediately below are not available for adoption. They cannot be held for potential adopters via phone calls or e-mail, although you may come to the shelter to meet an animal and place a "hold" on it in person. A "hold" provides first-right-of-adoption if the owner doesn't claim it.

All adopted dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets must be spayed or neutered before going home with their new owners.

To see if your lost pet is in the Aurora Animal Shelter, please click on the appropriate links below:

Lost Pets - View Dog
View Stray Dogs
Lost Pets - View Cat
View Stray Cats
Lost Pets - View Rabbits
View Stray Rabbits

Report a Lost Animal - 303-326-8280

Did you lose your animal? You can report it to the Animal Shelter. If the animal fits the description of a reported found animal, you can be notified. 

Report a Found Animal - 303-326-8288

Did you find a stray/lost animal? You can report it to the Animal Shelter. If the animal fits the description of a reported lost pet, its owners can be notified and provided with your phone number to work out reunion details. 

If you do not wish to keep the stray pet at your home, either bring it to the Aurora Animal Shelter, 15750 E. 32nd Avenue, or call the dispatch office and an Animal Care Officer will pick it up and impound it at the shelter.

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