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Barking Dogs
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barking dog
This ordinance makes it unlawful to allow a dog to bark, yelp or howl to such an extent that it disturbs neighbors or passersby. There is a stipulation that “no summons and complaint shall be issued nor shall there be a conviction for violation of this section unless there are at least two (2) or more separate households who shall have signed such complaint and shall have testified at trial.” An Animal Care Officer or Police Officer may serve as the second witness if one is available, but they respond to calls on a priority basis and public safety issues must take precedent over barking concerns. Please be aware it may be difficult to assign an officer for the amount of time necessary to properly monitor a barking situation.

Because a barking dog complaint is a relatively easy way for discontented neighbors to "retaliate" against one another, the city attempts to stay out of these neighborhood disagreements. Having two separate households willing to sign a complaint and testify gives more credibility to the problem.

When a complaint of a barking dog is received, staff first suggests that the party find a time when they are not angry to talk to the pet owner. This gesture goes a long way towards preventing ill will in the neighborhood; especially if the owner is unaware the pet is creating a disturbance. If there is only one complainant, or if the parties are not willing to sign a formal complaint and testify in court, it is standard procedure to issue a warning notifying the pet owner there is a complaint about the dog. The Animal Care Division needs the exact address of the residence of the barking animal. A general description of the vocalizing dog is also helpful. Only one warning per residence per year is issued.

Mailing a warning serves three purposes:
  • It lets the pet owner know that someone has an issue with noise from the animal,
  • It demonstrates to the complainant that the city has taken some action regarding their complaint, and
  • It provides information on the most common animal care and control ordinance violations brought to our attention.
Call 303-326-8288 to report a barking dog.

The city of Aurora also offers affordable dog training classes. If your barking dog is the problem, our professional dog trainers can help you have the dog you want to live with! When using our city's parks, please be sure to practice Park Pet Etiquette
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