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Solar Installations

Building owners and contractors may access the city of Aurora's requirements regarding the installation of solar photovoltaic systems through these checklists:

Plumbing and electrical codes are updated by the state of Colorado every three years. Code changes are provided at MuniCode.

At this time, contractors may submit permit application documents by email to the Building Division at buildingplans@auroragov.org. Permits will be processed in the order in which they are received and issued within seven working days.

When the plans have been submitted, the plans examiner assigned to the permit will become your single point of contact for the project, providing a direct phone number and email address for future communications.

The city's All 4 Business Initiative is designed to improve customer service and access to information and streamline the development review and permitting processes to facilitate projects of all sizes. As part of this initiative, a new electronic permit application submission process will be available through the city's website in early 2013. Add www.auroragov.org/building to your Favorites to quickly find updates about the status of this important new tool.

For more information on permits for residential or commercial solar photovoltaic or solar thermal installations, contact the Building Division at 303-739-7399 or bldgins@auroragov.org.

The city adopted a Renewable Energy Ordinance in 2011 to assure that solar and wind systems are permitted in all zone districts, subject to underlying zone restrictions. For more information on zoning in your area, contact Libby Tart-Schoenfelder at 303-739-7251 or etart@auroragov.org.

The city's 2009 Comprehensive Plan contains strategies to make Aurora social, environmentally and economically sustainable. Renewable energy systems on residential, commercial and government facilities save energy and money and retain important jobs in the community. The Comprehensive Plan states:

"Increasing the use of renewable energy on city property, residential buildings and commercial buildings is needed to offset the use of fossil fuels, reduce peak energy demand and reduce Aurora's greenhouse gas emissions."

New home builders are required to provide a minimum of eight "conservation" point as part of new Residential Design Standards implemented in 2012. Solar installations count for three of these points.

For questions regarding the role of renewable energy in Aurora, contact Mark Geyer in the Office of Development Assistance at 303-739-7588 or mgeyer@auroragov.org.

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