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Zoning & Codes

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Basic Business Regulations
Find out general information about business owners must know to run a business in Aurora.

Building and Zoning Code
Access the entire building and zoning code or Aurora Municipal Code or click through frequently requested ordinances from the Aurora Municipal Code.

Code of Ordinances
This is a direct link to the Aurora Municipal Code.

Health and Housing Codes
Certain regulations exist to ensure minimum housing standards are being met in multi-family homes.

Neighborhood Zoning Codes
These codes related to property ownership are intended to preserve the health, safety and general welfare of the community.

Seasonal Codes
Find out how federal and state requirements related to woodburning are enforced.

Sign Codes
Learn some general information for the most common signs used by businesses at Signs & Monuments. If you want to obtain a sign permit the Permit Center within Building & Fire/Life Safety Division can assist you with this.

Zoning Information
The Zoning Counter operates out of the Permit Center within Building & Fire/Life Safety Division, where you can acquire zoning information regarding setbacks for an accessory structure or deck. Call 303-739-7420 for more information. Waiver Request Form for Porches, Patios and Decks. Additional forms related to minor amendments, mylar changes and zoning inquiries also are available on this website.
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