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Sales Tax
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Sales Tax Rate
Reviewed 1-1-2016
City of Aurora3.75%3.75%3.75%
Total Rate8.00%8.50%8.75%

 Click Image to Download a Sales & Use Tax Form
 Click Image to Download a Sales & Use Tax Form (PDF)

Sales Tax General Information

Aurora sales tax applies to the retail sale or rental of all tangible personal property. It also applies to the retail sale of certain services that are listed below:

Tax on Services
  • Gas and electric services
  • Telecommunication and cable television services
  • Freight and delivery charges
  • Damage waiver charge as part of a rental or lease charge
  • Recreational services, including but not limited to: 
    • Pool and billiards 
    • Golf 
    • Bowling 
    • Coin-operated amusement devices 
    • Skating 
    • Tennis

Sales Tax Exemptions (Exemptions include but are not limited to): 

  • Sales of motor vehicles registered outside of the city
  • Sales of farm implements
  • Sales delivered outside the city
  • Sales of gasoline & special fuels which are subject to the state gasoline and special fuel tax (C.R.S. 39-27-101 et seq.)
  • Sales of cigarettes
  • Sales of insulin, prescription drugs and prosthetic devices
  • Sales of food for domestic home consumption
  • Sales to the U.S. government, the state of Colorado and the city of Aurora, their departments, institutions and political subdivisions, in their government capacities only
  • Sales to religious and charitable organizations, in the conduct of their regular religious and charitable functions and activities. (State tax exempt numbers are required.) 
The Standard Municipal Home Rule Affidavit of Exempt Sale can be used to certify to sellers that a purchase qualifies for exemption. 

Standard Affidavit Training Instructions Video

affidavit video photo

NOTE: With the exception of recreational events, tax-exempt organizations are responsible for collecting sales tax on all items sold.

How and Where to File
A Sales and Use Tax return will be mailed to you, or you may download the Sales and Use Tax return here.

Send the form and payment to:
City of Aurora
Tax and Licensing Division
P.O. Box 33001
Aurora, CO 80041-3001


sales and use tax form image
Click Image to Download a Sales & Use Tax Form (PDF)

Sales and Use Tax Online

The city of Aurora offers businesses the ability to file Sales and Use Tax returns and payment via the Internet, eliminating the standard paper return sent through the mail.

Aurora’s online tax processing system is operated via a secure website and allows businesses to correspond directly with city staff and update such things as contact information. Businesses have the option of paying via a checking account debit transaction, or by filing their return online and then mailing a check to the city. As confirmation of the transaction, the city sends the business an email with an attached copy of their return.

Businesses interested in utilizing the Online Sales and Use Tax return processing system should call 303-739-7800 and then select Option 2 to obtain access to online filing, or email a request that includes your Aurora account number and business name to TaxLogin@auroragov.org.  Please be advised that past due returns cannot be filed online at this time.

Filers can login at the following site:

Determine if an Address is Located Within the City of Aurora

Click on the Property Information icon to access a site for help in verifying if an address is within the Aurora city limits.

Property Information Icon

When to File a Tax Return

Sales and Use Tax Returns are due on the 20th of the month following the taxable period. The taxable period is your assigned filing status: monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you are uncertain of your assigned filing status, please contact the Tax Section. The filing status is determined by the amount of taxable sales listed below:

  • Monthly if taxable sales are $96,000 or more per year (if the tax is more than $300 per month).
  • Quarterly if taxable sales are $4,801 to $95,999 per year (if the tax is less than $300 per month).
  • Annually if taxable sales are $4,800 or less per year (if the tax is less than $15 per month). 
NOTE: If the due date (20th) falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day is considered the due date.

Tax Reminders

Business Licensing and Tax Class

Aurora offers a free workshop designed to help new and existing businesses understand business licensing and taxes. This beginner level seminar is intended to explain what is necessary to start-up in Aurora, and all types of businesses are welcome. Understand the process of obtaining a business license in Aurora, taxpayer rights and responsibilities, taxes you may have to pay, and the reason that audits are conducted.  Tax and Licensing staff will be available to answer questions specific to your industry or situation.

Date:Wednesday, June 8, 2016 from 9 a.m. to noon
Location:Aurora Municipal Center
2nd Floor Aspen Conference Room
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012

Please go to the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network
(SBDC) web site for more details and to register. Drop-ins are welcome, but registration will help to ensure sufficient seating for everyone.


Sales and Use Tax Return (PDF)
Aurora Tax Code  Chapter 130 TAXATION
City of Aurora Colorado -- 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy -- Aurora, CO 80012            Access Aurora: 303-739-7000