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Westerly Creek Village
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Notice of Public Hearing
Regarding the adoption of an amendment to the Westerly Creek Village Urban Renewal Plan
April 13, 7:30 p.m.
Aurora Municipal Center, Council Chamber
15151 E. Alameda Parkway

Westerly Creek Village Urban Renewal Plan - Amended April 2015
Plan Exhibit A - Legal Description
Plan Exhibits C-F - New


Hearings, Meetings and Other Actions 

The Westerly Creek Urban Renewal Plan was adopted by the Aurora City Council Jan. 28, 2013.  

The adoption of the urban renewal plan is a major milestone in the completion of a community planning process which was largely funded by the Environmental Protection Agency's Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Pilot Program. The Westerly Creek Community Plan summarizes and incorporates this community planning process as well as the related plans and studies, including the Urban Renewal Plan.  All of these documents can be downloaded below.

  • On Aug. 27, 2012, the Aurora City Council held a public hearing to determine if the proposed Westerly Creek Village Urban Renewal Area is “blighted” under Colorado law and, therefore, appropriate for urban renewal designation. The council approved the blight designation.
  • Westerly Creek Village Comprehensive Plan Amendment adopted by City Council in February 2012.
  • Steps to Fresh Produce Grant provided to the Market at Westerly Creek Village to open a grocery store at Dayton and Montview, which is now open.
  • Iola, Fulton and Kingston street connections to Stapleton now open
  • City of Aurora awarded FEMA grant for flood control improvements at Westerly Creek and Montview Boulevard - Design and construction pending.
  • Sustainable Infill and Redevelopment Zoning (Mixed Use) district adopted by city of Aurora.
  • Community Visioning Workshops held in 2011.

What You Can Do Now 

  • Join Northwest Aurora Neighborhood Organization (NANO), 303-364-2859.  Upcoming annual events include Neighborhood Cleanup, Circle of Life Award and Neighborhood Christmas Party. NANO Neighborhood Meetings, to meet your neighbors and learn the latest information about   new and redevelopment applications and news in Northwest Aurora are also held throughout the year. (Refer to the NANO Brochure for dates, time and location) 
  • Organize a Block Party, or organizational assistance from Neighborhood Liaisons, 303-739-7280
  • Original Aurora Renewal Neighborhood Resource Center, 303-739-7929
  • Volunteer on any of the city’s 28 Boards and Commissions, 303-739-7094  
  • Community Gardens, Diana Denwood, Aurora Water, 720-859-4407
  • Neighborhood Watch, 303-739-6639

  • For more information, call Chad Argentar or Mindy Parnes at 303-739-7250.
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