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Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan is a strategic document that guides city policymaking. On average, the city prepares a new comprehensive plan every five years. The 2009 Comprehensive Plan Update was adopted by City Council on June 7, 2010 by Ordinance No. 2010-23.

Project Overview
This update recognizes major events affecting policy decisions over the past five years and attempts to anticipate paradigm shifts that have the potential to significantly impact the economic, physical, and social landscape of the city in the next five years.

2009 Comprehensive Plan Update
The most significant new component of the 2009 Comprehensive Plan is the addition of a Sustainability Plan (Chapter II). This chapter delves into three primary elements: energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, and economic growth that respond to the economic and environmental challenges facing governments everywhere. The rest of the document is organized as in the previous, 2003 Aurora Comprehensive Plan:

Chapter. I. Plan Background

Chapter III. Some ABC’s – Aurora Basic Compendium

Chapter IV. Understanding the Context of our Future Choices
Chapter I: Plan Background

Chapter II: Sustainability Plan

Chapter III: Some ABC’s – Aurora Basic Compendium

Chapter IV: Understanding the Context of Our Future Choices
A. Managing the Geography of Growth
B. Promoting the Quality of Life in the City
C. Balancing Jobs to Population
D. Adjusting Systems for Delivery of Services
E. Addressing Financial Concerns Associated with Growth and Development
F. Carrying out an Enhanced Retail Strategy
G. Developing and Protecting Water and other Natural Resources
H. Creating Aurora’s Future Transportation System
I. Living in Neighborhoods
J. Responding to Population Diversity
K. Building Urban Activity Centers 
L. Redevelopment for Renewal
M. Enhancing our Educational Resources
N. Maintaining Regional Leadership

Chapter V: Strategic Areas

Chapter VI: Plan Implementation

The 23 themes and strategic areas that make up the greater part of the plan in Chapters IV and Chapter V discuss specific themes, issues and areas of the city and form the framework for much of the discussion in the plan.

Copies of the plan in CD format are available through the Planning Department.

Questions can be directed to Karen Hancock, Environmental Programs Supervisor, at khancock@auroragov.org

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Chapter V: Strategic Areas
A. Fitzsimons
B. Original Aurora
C. Westerly Creek Village & The Montview Corridor(Amd. February, 2012)
D. Buckley Air Force Base Area
E. I-225 Corridor and City Center
F. Havana Corridor/Lowry/Buckingham
G. Parker Road Corridor
H. E-470 Corridor
I. Northeast Plains and Front Range Airport Chapter
VI: Plan Implementation

Appendices I-IV

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