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Elections & Campaigns
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Aurora’s regular municipal election is held every two years on the first Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years as an all mail ballot election for the purpose of voting on the city’s elected officials. All Aurora municipal elections are non-partisan, that is, people are elected to office without consideration of political affiliation.

The Aurora elected offices include a mayor who is elected by all voters in the city, one council member from each of the city’s six wards elected by people residing within the respective ward, and four council members at-large elected by all voters in the city. Each term of office is four years, beginning on the date of the first regular council meeting in December following the election. Persons elected to office may serve three consecutive four-year terms. Only a portion of the offices are voted on at each election, thereby staggering the terms and providing continuity of government.

Elections may also be held at other times. Ballot issues, those which relate to financial matters such as taxes or debt, can be voted on at regular municipal elections, and may also be voted on at the November election held in even-numbered years, known as the statewide general election. Non-financial matters may be voted on in November of both odd and even numbered years in accordance with timeframes set out in state statute and municipal charter and ordinance. Finally, a special election may be held on dates other that those set out above in accordance with state statute and the Aurora municipal code.

All regular municipal elections in the city of Aurora are conducted by the City Clerk as mail ballot elections, in accordance with state statute and City ordinance and are coordinated with the county clerks in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. All candidate and committee election forms are obtained from the city clerk’s office and all filings are made therein. County clerks are responsible for all federal, state and county elections.

The Aurora Election Commission is responsible for establishing new ward boundaries and providing input on election-related legislation as needed. In the event of a tie vote for any municipal office or on any municipal ballot question or issue, the Commission determines by lot the person to be elected of the outcome of the ballot question or ballot issue.

For information about elections, contact the City Clerk's Office, 303-739-7094.  

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